The target: Five straight wins for Sheffield Steelers

More goals to come for Sheffield?
More goals to come for Sheffield?

The signs appear positive for Sheffield Steelers' goal ambitions.

For much of this season, the side has been impotent in front of goal - even now only Dundee Stars and Milton Keynes Lightning average less sniper-successes per game.

But it seems that Steelers started their offensive revival during the last couple of games, scoring four in each win which compares well with the rather modest 2.5 goals they'd average home and away.

On Saturday, with new boy Anthony DeLuca to help them, they can look to increase an output which has let them down so far.

There are warning signs, however.

Saturday's opponents Guildford Flames - who have the league's best marksman in Kruise Reddick - average more goals away from home than anybody in the Elite League.

On the road, Flames shoot more, score more.

Their power play is twice as efficient as Sheffield's.

So Saturday's game should hopefully see some firepower.

Then on Sunday, Steelers travel to a rested Dundee Stars (they don't play Saturday.)

Interestingly, Stars' top scorer is one burly winger Matt Marqaurdt who has a 10+7 ratio in 20 games for the Scots, which is up on the 8+5 he registered in the same period with a Sheffield shirt on his back, last term.

He's enjoying his new surroundings.

But Tom Barrasso's apparently unrelenting scrutiny of his new team does appear to be bearing fruit.

A round trip to Dundee and back is almost 650 miles; not everybody's idea of fun.

But if Barrasso's men return on Sunday night with five-straight wins under their belt, the miles will fly by.