The Fishers organise fishing day for kids

Redlands School juniors receive their awards from Mr & Mrs Fisher'
Redlands School juniors receive their awards from Mr & Mrs Fisher'

Redlands School had a great turnout for their annual fishing match, with juniors of all ages trying their hand at angling.

Mr & Mrs Fisher of Worksop & District AA organised the event, on their club water Sandhill Lake and later presented trophies and prizes to the youngsters at an assembly.

Martynas Orestas managed to win overall with 2lb 13oz, closely followed by Daniel Staves with 2lb 10oz and Josh Sleight with 2lb 3oz.

The George Fowler Trophy, for the smallest catch of the day was jointly won by Sharna Gregory and Coby Blower, who both weighed in ¼oz.

Better luck next time but remember it’s the taking part that counts.


Sherwood Forest Fisheries: Wed Fun League, Holmedale: 1st M Malia, Wickersley Angling, peg 56, 98-2-0. Matt edged past Steve to come out on top alternating method feeder cast to the lilies and pole paste at 13m to land 32 carp to 6lb. 2nd S Keyworth, Sherwood FF, peg 9, 96-8-0; 3rd K Chaplin, Sherwood FF, peg 33, 90-7-0.

Tue Open Sherwood: 1st D Staley, Subfish, peg 47, 82-11-0. Daz fished pole caster shallow at 6m for a mixed net of ide and skimmers. 2nd S Richards, Sherwood FF, peg 41, 77-2-0; 3rd I Rowney, Mansfield Piscatorial AS, peg 40, 56-4-0.

Sun Pm Open, Holmedale: 1st M Brown, Eastwood Angling, peg 36, 120-3-0. pole paste at distance and margins to temp carp to 8lb. 2nd R Woodhead, Sherwood FF, 105-3-0; 3rd B Holmes, Matrix Trentmen, peg 32, 93-10-0..

Lodge Farm: Tue Open, Long Island: 1st G Brooks, peg 100, 173-13-0, pole pellet,all-carp catch. 2nd J Gunn, peg 86, 107-12-0; 3rd J Clark, peg 80, 92-6-0.

Wed Over 50s, Top Pond: 1st J Gunn, peg 37, 55-0-0, pole maggot for a mixed bag of roach, perch and carp. 2nd I Temple, peg 33, 50-6-0; 3rd K Morris, peg 13, 41-13-0.

Thu Open, Field Pond: 1st W Ibbottson, peg 7, 121-0-0., pole for carp and bream. 2nd P Chapman, peg 15, 75-4-0; 3rd N Cox, peg 3, 67-4-0.

Thu PM, Top Pond: 1st M Foy, peg 26, 70-5-0, pole pellet and meat for a mixed bag of carp and bream. 2nd M Shanks, peg 31, 49-7-0; 3rd G Thomlinson, peg 16, 49-0-0.

Hallcroft Fisheries: Sun Open, Moat Island and Bridge Outer: 1st A Oldham, Halkon Hunt, peg M14, 219-11-0, waggler fished shallow, switching to pole after breaking his rod. 2nd S Barraclough, Frenzie, peg B22, 216-12-0; 3rd S Clark, Sensas, peg M73, 169-2-0.

Sat Open, Moat Outer: 1st A Oldham, Halkon Hunt, peg 26, 204-4-0, pole pellet at 12m for carp to 12lb. 2nd S Conry, Mitchell & Darfield, peg 110, 195-6-0; 3rd S Lewis, Sheffield, peg 8, 168-14-0.

Fri PM Open, Moat Outer: 1st R Teigh, Handsworth, peg 78, 286-0-0, caught shallow with maggot before switching to meat at depth. 2nd A Oldham, Halkon Hunt, peg 95, 179-11-0; 3rd S Pimperton, Sheffield, peg 85, 168-2-0.

Thu Veterans Open, Bridge and Croft: 1st K Pacey, Gainsborough, peg B47, 104-10-0, shallow with pole pellet and meat. 2nd I Donaldson, Notts AA, peg B26, 63-15-0; 3rd D Whiting, Button Hole AC, peg B58, 56-12-0.

Tue PM Costcutter Open, Moat: 1st A Higginbotham, Matrix Trentmen, peg 64, 171-6-0, pellet and meat shallow. 2nd R Teigh, Handsworth, peg 37, 110-0-0; 3rd P Schoof, MAP Leegem, peg 57, 88-9-0.

Mon Veterans, Bridge and Croft: 1st K Pacey, Gainsborough, peg B13, 100-8-0. Ken fished paste over pellet at 9m for a mixed bag of carp and bream. 2nd R Turner, Retford, B7, 80-12-0; 3rd P Schoof, MAP Leegem, peg C27, 77-12-0.


Dinnington Welfare AC: Hayfield: 1st M Donnelly, peg 20, 127-11-0; 2nd G Kaye, peg 17, 101-15-0; 3rd N Donnelly, peg 19, 46-14-0..

Grafton AA: Alderfen Fishery: 1st W Elgy, 21-2-0; 2nd S Short, 19-6-0; 3rd I Scott, 16-6-0.

St Josephs: Tyrom Hall: 1st B Betteridge, 40-8-0, second win of the season fishing pellet waggler for a mainly carp net; 2nd R Ancliff, 33-14-0; 3rd D Betteridge, 22-8-0.

Manton AC: Mill Dam: 1st K Morris, 92-13-0, fishing shallow with pole pellet; 2nd B Perkins, 64-6-0; 3rd S Armestead, 41-4-0.

British Gas and Stanley St: Lodge Farm, Lily pond: 1st K Walters, peg 57, 102-12-0. Keith fished up in the water with pellet for an all-carp net. 2nd J Moore, peg 59, 48-15-0; 3rd D Brown, peg 70, 39-13-0.

Worksop & District AA: Season books now available from your local tackle shop. These cover you for the canal and Torksey Arm stretches. Cheap fishing at £20 per year with concessions for OAP and juniors.

If you have a story, E-Mail or call 07815 308463. Tight lines!