Summer League off to a flying start for Worksop Harriers

Worksop Harriers Summer League team
Worksop Harriers Summer League team

The opening race in the Notts AAA Summer League was at Hexgreave Park were the Worksop Harriers got of to an excellent start with 32 runners in six teams across all categories.

The 5.1 mile course was a scenic mix of roads, tracks and fields which made an attractive addition to the league.

The top performers were the senior ladies ‘A’ team who finished in second place, with the B team 15th out of 21 teams, while the veterans ladies team came fifth out of 18 teams.

The veteran mens teams finished fourth and ninth out of 15 teams, with the senior mens team coming 12th out of 23 teams.

To top off an excellent night Harriers Sally Ormrod, John Hewitt and Peter Fendley were third in their age categories.

Results: Teresa McPake (8th, 34:44), Sally Ormrod (9th, 34:59), Amy Fendley (25th, 37:46), Helen Broughton (30th, 38:04), Caroline McGinley (34th, 38:16), Adele Bryan (35th, 38:25), Amy Ogden (41st, 38:59), Julie Bonser (60th, 40:48), Melissa Bennett (69th, 41:42), Charlotte Hewitt (78th, 42:25), Rowena Brown (79th, 42:27), Emma Brady (82nd, 42:44), Catherine Harrison (133rd, 54:36).

Men: Tim Doughty (38th, 31:08), John Hewitt (48th, 31;45), Tom Shaw (51st, 31;50), Rob Roper (56th, 32:08), Paul Dickinson (64th, 32:36), John Harrison (96th, 34:25), Matthew Caudwell (102nd, 34:46), Craig Cooper (103rd, 34:47), Jon Stott (108th, 35:09), Lyndon Stocks (114th, 35:32), Aaron Jackson (122nd, 35:49), Peter Fendley (124th, 36:00), David Havenhand (127th, 36:11), Patrick Lavin (149th, 37:52), Steve Rewston (155th, 38:07), Paul Hurst (163rd, 38:38), John Bradshaw (166th, 38:50), Mark Eyre (169th, 39:11), Jimmy Kelly (189th, 41:00).