Snooker: Adam Duffy keen to make the most of second chance

Adam Duffy
Adam Duffy

Adam Duffy hated every day of being an amateur snooker player.

It is not that he disliked working part-time for his dad Kevin’s building firm. He actually quite enjoyed getting his hands dirty.

But snooker is Adam’s passion. It is what he feels he was born to do.

By his own admission, he stopped putting in the hours on the practise table and dropped off the main tour after a three-year spell in 2014.

The Eckington-based potter narrowly missed out on regaining his tour card last year but he refused to give up.

His persistance paid off as Duffy is now back on the pro tour.

He told The Telegraph: “I’m so happy and relieved to be back on the tour.

“It has taken a huge weight off my shoulders.

“After becoming an amateur, I had to look at what I had done wrong. It made me appreciate the game even more.

“When I was pro first time around, I took my foot off the pedal and started enjoying life a bit too much. I went out with my friends a lot, got into bad habits and started thinking I had made it.

“Obviously with snooker, if you don’t respect it, it gives you a kick where you don’t like to be kicked. By not respecting the game and my life, it taught me a lesson.”

Duffy, who caused one of the biggest upsets in the UK Championship history by beating Ding Junhui in round one in 2015, will be competing in his first event of the new season tomorrow. He faces a qualifier in the The Paul Hunter Classic, which is held in Germany. All matches are best of seven frames.

The 27-year-old, who is practising at the Star Snooker Academy, said: “When you have setbacks in your career, it is about how you learn from them.

“Snooker is all about finding a happy medium on and off the table and I finally feel like I have that. I want to thank everyone who has supported me and helped get me back to where I am now.”

On his hopes for the new campaign, Duffy said: “This is not my last chance but I’ve got a great opportunity to make some money and climb up the rankings.

“My main objective is to play in as many events as possible. I want to do well in all of them.

“I had a nice break over the summer so I feel fresh. I’m so focused. It has taken me this long to realise how important snooker is to me.

“I’ve never felt so good. I feel really confident in my game and I’m ready to attack this new season.”