Simmsy column: Buzzeo can spark a Sheffield Steelers title charge

Justin Buzzeo: new Steeler
Justin Buzzeo: new Steeler

“It’s Coming Home. It’s Coming Home – well I hope so, that Elite League Championship has been away for two years and it’s time it came back home.

Hopefully Tuesday’s signing of offensive forward Justin Buzzeo will ensure that it does come home, sooner rather than later.

Buzzeo is a locksmith not a plumber, a man who can magic something up and create. In the past the Great Colton Fretter was a man who could do that so it was important we brought some more creativity into the team.

Another player south of 30 as well, this team is younger and faster and we all have to like that. Some experience will be needed, that’s why the signing last week of Evan McGrath was important, I expect a couple of the last few signings to be more mature guys as well.

Justin Buzzeo is what Paul Thompson describes as one of his top six – one of his offensive guys. Steelers need to score more, create more and the likes of Buzzeo, McGrath and Pitt will be part of what I believe will be a more dynamic side. Steelers will make a further signing announcement soon, the replacement if you like for Liam Stewart’s intended position alongside Jonathan Phillips and Brandon Whistle – I think it’s a master stroke and a great signing – will be interesting to see what you think. Great at face offs, great penalty killer and one of the top and most likeable people you could meet. No more clues.

Steelers have also signed a big defencemen and a gritty forward, they will most probably be announced next week – that leaves one defencemen and three forwards remaining. Paul had some bad news last night as one of our targets decided on a move elsewhere but he tells me he is close to a couple of new signings that he hopes to complete this week. We are only five weeks away from our exhibition games this coming Saturday, it’s getting close, folks. This time last week I typed my article from the league’s fixtures meeting. Well the Steelers have booked their home ice with the Arena and are presently arranging their hotels and flights for various fixtures.

July 23 is when the dates will be made official and trust me Sheffield, you will like them. I don’t think we have had a more balanced fixture list for a while with the majority of the games played at home on weekend dates.

When Shaun Smith negotiated the dates on behalf of the club I thought he was doing a good job but when I later entered them into my diary I struggled to think in recent years of a schedule I was more excited about.

Elsewhere other teams are also filling their empty slots, Braehead seemed to have raided Manchester for all the players that Manchester took off them a year ago.

Is that a good policy? I’m not so sure as that Braehead team didn’t win back in their glory day – and that was with conferencing. Now with no conferencing...I’m not so sure.

One good decision out of Braehead was their announcement this week that they are changing their name from Braehead Clan to The Glasgow Clan – I never knew where Braehead was before they had a hockey team, did any of us?

But Glasgow, we all know where that is. Surely from a marketing point of view a step in the right direction. Good luck to them, a full rink up there is always an exciting place to go.