Simmsey’s column: All hail the return of our King

Mathieu Roy, Sheffield Steelers: picture by Dean Woolley
Mathieu Roy, Sheffield Steelers: picture by Dean Woolley

God save ‘the King’ – Mathieu Roy arrives back on our shores later today.

Roy will be looking to continue his great form as a Steeler, his fourth year spearheading the attack.

Already, in just 173 games, Roy has become a club legend scoring 95 goals and helping the side win three championships in as many years.

Is Roy the best player in the league? I don’t know.

What I do know is that I wouldn’t trade him for anyone.

Remember your days playing football at school at dinner time?

You line up against the wall waiting for the captains to pick you.

Well if I have a choice of every player in the Elite League, I’m taking the King first overall.

My top goal scorer would also be my top shot blocker, he would be one of my best penalty killers as well as being the best net-presence guy that has played over here.

There are many great players in the league, many of them here in Sheffield.

Colton Fretter

Colton Fretter

There is just something about the King that to me sets him apart, the fact of his ability to shine at the right moment, the way he is not just a goal scorer, so much more.

The supporting cast he has worked with over the seasons should not be forgotten, Colton Fretter especially.

Frets joined the Steelers at the same time at Mathieu playing with him and Mike Forney – what a line that was.

Assistant coach Jerry Andersson once told the team: ‘If you want money you go to the bank. If you want meat you go off to the butcher. If you need petrol you go to the garage and if you need goals you go to the net.’

No one and I mean no one goes to the net like the King.

No one takes the punishment that Mathieu Roy takes.

The physical assaults, the cross checking, the slashes, the sheer abuse is, and will be again this season, relentless.

Like many players Roy plays hurt.

He has missed four games in three years with the Steelers this despite numerous injuries.

Mathieu Roy – The King of Sheffield is now part of the Steelers DNA.

We sometimes get carried away when we see our rival teams signing new stars. We sometimes forget what we already have in our ranks here at the Arena. No one more so than Roy.

So Sheffield becomes a better place this weekend with not only The King but the remaining Steelers players arriving ahead of training camp commencing on Monday.

New players and new stars will arrive.

They will have played in the best leagues, for some of the best teams but from Monday they will all be Steelers, all buying in to our club goals.

Sat at the head of the table, sat looking over his Kingdom will be the King. Welcome home Mathieu Roy.

Steelers’ season commences in just over a week at iceSheffield – Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th Vs. Sodertalje one of Sweden’s highest profile clubs.

Jerry Andersson calls them a romantic club, a club with history of a glorious past.

Champions at all levels and a extremely good test for the Steelers.

The weekend after it will be the turn of German DEL competition with Nurnberg, now coached by Rob Wilson.

It’s all starting folks, get your tickets and come and enjoy the start of what promises to be another stunning Elite League season.