Sheffield Steelers' Swedes will mastermind the League title push

Elite League run-in
Elite League run-in

Steelers are in the title hunt just two points behind leaders Cardiff and with the same number of games played.

Now if that isn’t reason enough to be at Saturdays game, here are five other reasons why you should make the trip to iceSheffield.

1: Sweden. Whether you love Europe or not, whether you are voting in or out the Steelers have the two best European (if not EU) things in Sheffield. Fredrik Vestberg and Conny Stromberg.

The two Swedes have been a breath of fresh air for the Steelers this year, a different style and dynamic. Freddie is quiet and efficient as he goes about his business. Conny, isn’t. Conny is a million miles an hour, a genius. Crack out your best of Abba CDs because if the Steelers win again on Saturday the “Winner will take it all.”

2: Define tough to me? 6’5 punches like a heavyweight or 5’10, 160lbs soaking wet, eats nothing more than a round of toast in 48 hours, is as sick as a pig, can hardly walk and doesn’t miss a shift in the two games against Cardiff?

Ladies and Gentlemen I give you the toughest man in Sheffield last weekend – Jeff Legue. Want to know why the Steelers have won so many titles and championships in recent years – the DNA people like Jeff Legue have had on the Steelers roster. Looking as bad as he did, feeling as rough as he was I don’t think I could have written to match reports let alone play an important part in a thrilling weekend of top of the table hockey. Legue knew his side was down to the bare bones, he didn’t ask the doctor for a sick note, didn’t approach the coach looking for a night off. He turned up, he played his heart and soul out and showed us all what hockey players and what he, Jeff Legue is all about. That’s toughness in my books.

3: Footballers are tired ….. Well diddums, you softies. The Steelers warriors skating out on Saturday will be playing their fifth game in eight days, by the way they will play their sixth in nine on Sunday in Coventry. They will be playing with two broken hands, two groin strains, one fractured rib, one fractured foot plus numerous other injuries. Two will have injections before the game just to be able to play. They won’t moan, they won’t groan. They won’t ask to come off at half time. They will hit, dive in front of pucks being shot at them at 100mph, they will go into a corner first with some 6’4 winger knowing he is going to run them through the boards. They won’t get a tap, go down like they have been shot and call the trainer on – there isn’t a magic sponge for these boys.

4: I don’t mean to be funny, but who else wins regularly in this city – this Steelers' team year in year out competes for titles, brings energy to the city’s sporting scene, pride to Yorkshire and fills the area’s premium sporting venue – no need to thank the Steelers, just come and cheer them on this Saturday.

5: In fact, don’t turn up, don’t come to the game. Well not unless you are prepared to give the boys in support as much as Tyler Mosienko will give you out on the ice. If you want to feel embarrassed about your own work ethic whilst at your job don’t come on Saturday and watch Mosienko play. You will be ashamed of yourself. You will feel guilty. We don’t want to be reasonable for you feeling bad as Tyler double shifts, works at 100%, 100% of the time.

We only want you there if you are inspired by Tyler Mosienko’s work ethic. We only want you there if you donate yourself to the Steelers for the 60 minutes of the game the same way he does.