Sheffield Steelers: injury won’t deter ‘Iron Mike’

Mike Duco had to sit out a few games after damaging his hand administering some on-ice justice to a rival player.

The injury didn’t exactly put him off when he returned to the Sheffield Steelers line up though.

Mike Duco in the thick of things for Sheffield Steelers v Nottingham Panthers last month

Mike Duco in the thick of things for Sheffield Steelers v Nottingham Panthers last month

With his hand still recovering, he simply switched to the southpaw scrapping stance...and did what he had to do to help his team win.

And the 28-year-old Canadian - who is listed on Wikipedia as having an “aggressive physical style with a willingness to fight” will be happy to drop the gloves again in the pursuit of trophies with the EIHL champions.

Asked whether his hand injury had set him back in he physical stakes he said: “I came back and fought at Manchester, I just used my left hand for that one. But, no, it’s part of my game, I am back on the ice and if it happens, it happens.

“I am out there to play 100 per cent, and play to my full potential. I didn’t do anything for two weeks, just x-rays and what-not.

“In my first couple of games I didn’t feel too great but felt good against Cardiff (last Sunday) and moves on with a positive attitude.”

Duco, who scored his first goal in 10 games last weekend, applies that same attitude over the doubts that set in amongst some fans after Steelers lost half of their matches in an eight-game run and under-performed on the road.

Asked how the players should tackle the inconsistency he replied: “Just stick to the structure that our coach has set out for us.

“Put the puck in, put the puck on net, get traffic to the net, finish checks, and do the little things. Hopefully that is what is supposed to work.”

He said he was not sure how the team departed from that philosophy.

“I’m not sure mental lapses, you cant really attribute it to one thing or one person, It was a team-thing, hopefully we have overcome that and move on from that.” Duco thinks Steelers can retain their league title. “Since day one we have believed that.”