Senior Harriers flying, juniors star in mini league

Worksop Harriers' mini league athletes
Worksop Harriers' mini league athletes

The Worksop Harriers came away with four medals from a successful, if wet, County 10mile Championships, which aptly, where held at the National Water Sports Centre at Holme Pierrepont.

Undeterred by the weather, or perhaps encouraged to get out of it, the Harriers all performed well.

Teresa McPake (1:06:31) led them home and collected a well deserved over 35s silver and a senior bronze medal, along with a club gold standard.

Peter Fendley (1:13:12) won a gold over 60s medal and Adele Bryan (1:13:56) a bronze in the over 35s category.

Colin Laughton (1:09:06) and Jimmy Kelly (1:19:49) also took part.

Harriers Emily Race, Nathan Langley and William Hickton who have all been selected to represent Notts in the regional rounds of the English Schools Combined Events Championships at Nuneaton on 26th and 27th June.

The third meeting in the Notts mini league was held at Bingham, where Teegan Page was named ‘Athlete of the Match’.

Other highlights included both Emily Race and William Hickton winning all their events.

The Worksop Harriers team as a whole finished in fourth place.

The next meeting is at Kirkby-in-Ashfield on 12th July.


Under 11 girls: Teegan Page: 80m (1st, 12.1, G1), 150m (2nd. 23.7, G2), high jump (4th, 1.05m, G4); Olivia Hare: 600m (3rd, 2.10.4, G4), 80m (14.1), howler (9.44m); Daisy Hind: howler (5th, 16.03m G4); Isabelle Fielding: 80m (14.5), 150m (27.8), howler (10.32m); 4 x 100m relay: Isabelle, Olivia, Daisy & Teegan (5th, 73.4).

Under 11 boys: Henry Dickinson: 600m (6th, 2.11.5), long jump (6th, 2.35m), howler (9.01m); George Mckernan: 150m (6th, 25.4), 80m (13.1 G4), long jump (2.03m); Matthew Forest: howler (6th, 19.06m), 80m (14.8), long jump (2.27m); Elliot Jordan: 80m (7th, 13.0, G4), howler (6.89m), long jump (2.01m); Bailey Rist: 80m (13.9), 150m (26.9), long jump (2.12m);4 x 100m relay: Henry, Bailey, Elliot & George (5th, 70.9).

Under 13 girls: Freya Dolby: 1200m (2nd, 4.16.5), 100m (3rd, 14.2, G4), long jump (4th, 3.62m); Lucy Forrest: shot (2nd, 7.08m, G4), 200m (4th, 29.8, G4), 100m (14.7); Laura Betts: high jump (2nd, 1.2m), 100m (14.8), 200m (30.9); Mia Swindell: 70mH (4th, 14.8), 100m (15.0), high jump (1.2m); Laren Kirk: 70mH (15.5), 100m (16.5), shot (3.6m); Eugenie Baines: 100m (14.6), long jump (3.2m), shot (4.5m); Katrin Irvine: 100m (15.3), shot (2.9m); Jasmine Warner: 100m (16.5), long jump (2.6m), shot (3.9m); Molly Hind: 100m (17.1), 1200m (5.17.7), shot (4.3m); Melissa Simpson: 200m (35.3), 1200m (5.19.9); Savannah Storey: long jump (2.1m); 4 x 100m relay: Lucy, Laura, Mia & Freya (3rd, 61.3) & Laren, Molly, Eugenie & Jasmine (66.3).

Under 13 boys: Laith Gladwin: 1500m (3rd, 5.18.4), 75mH (4th, 16.8), 200m (4th, 29.5); Owen Bloomer: high jump (4th, 1.15m), 100m (5th, 14.6), long jump (6th, 3.12m); Jake Charters: shot (5th, 4.64m), 200m (37.4), 1500m (5.36.8).

Under 15 girls: Emily Race; 75mH (1st, 11.5, G1), high jump (1st, 1.48, G3), long jump (1st, 4.84m, G3); Victoria West: 100m (5th, 14.6), 200m (6th, 30.4), shot (5.66m); Amelia Harrop: shot (5th, 6.13m), 100m (15.3), 200m (32.3); Erin Lonsdale: 1500m (5th, 5.46.0); Lucy Harrop: 1500m (5.57.1); 4 x 100m relay: Amelia, Victoria, Lucy & Emily (4th, 58.2).

Under 15 boys: William Hickton: high jump (1st, 1.6m, G3), long jump (1st, 4.91m); James Carratt: shot (2nd, 8.92m), 1500m (4th, 6.50.8); Caius Tweed: 80mH (3rd, 16.2), 100m (6th, 13.4), high jump (1.35m);Regan Langley: high jump (1.25m), long jump (3.4m), shot (7.4m); 4 x 100m relay: James, Caius, Regan & William (5th, 61.7).

Under 17 boys (non scoring): Nathan Langley: shot (1st, 11.82m, G3), long jump (2nd, 5.37m), 1500m (4th, 4.59.7), 100m (5th, 12.2).