Playing in goal is easy at Sheffield Steelers says shut-out king

Goalie Tyler Plante says his defence has made it easy for him to record back-to-back shut outs for Sheffield Steelers, early in his debut year.

The American-born netminder, whose father Cam was a d-man in England in the 1990s, has been in invincible form in the last two matches against Coventry Blaze. “We’ve matched up well against them, so far, our system and our work ethic...that’s what it comes down to” he said.

Not on my watch: Tyler Plante stonewalls Coventry Blaze for 2 hours

Not on my watch: Tyler Plante stonewalls Coventry Blaze for 2 hours

“The defence keep a lot of the shots to the outside for me, which makes my job easy.”

Modest Plante still had to make 20 saves last Saturday and 25 at the Skydome the week before. And while that has been a confidence-booster, he says: “I don’t worry about the last game, I worry about the next game, I know it sounds clichéd but you take it one game at a time.

“That is how you have successful seasons.”

Plante, whose brother Alex has played 10 NHL games on D, agreed his blue line at Sheffield are a resolute force: “They don’t let anybody into my paint, which is awfully nice!” Zack Fitzgerald, the team’s enforcer, really lets his presence be known, he said.

The 28 year old, once on Florida Panthers’ books, said a hunger to succeed was a key factor in the team’s success so far.

“One of the biggest things that Thommo (coach Paul Thompson) focused on when he put this team together is work ethic.

“We have guys that can score and play every role but what is really comes down to is everyone is working as hard as they can.

“I’m pleased to have come to Britain, it was a perfect fit, being Sheffield.”

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