Pike season is upon us for another year

Alan shows the juniors how to get on during a local coaching session
Alan shows the juniors how to get on during a local coaching session

The traditional pike season begins on 1st October, so get your rods dusted down, terminal tackle replaced and get ready for action.

Following prolonged good weather many species (prey fish) will have successfully spawned, which means our predators will also be plentiful and in tip top condition.

Be sure to go prepared, have all the right unhooking kit to hand and get the pike back in the water quickly.

If not sure about handling pike then go with someone more experienced until you’re confident enough to go it alone.

The Pike Anglers’ Club web site has all the information you need to locate and catch pike and the Notts Region has a number of events planned for this year so get involved and put more fish on the bank www.pacgb.co.uk.


Sherwood Forrest Fishery’s Craig Brazier deserves a special mention this week after taking back to back wins on Sherwood and Holmedale Lakes.

Craig read the water well to alternate methods and baits to keep the fish coming.

He bagged a modest winning weight of 64lb on Tuesday but took a convincing win on Wednesday with over 164lb.

Hallcroft Fisheries: Sat Open, Moat: 1st R Austin, Halkon Hunt, peg 39, 255-7-0, 6m pole alternating pellet and meat for carp to 12lb; 2nd S Quibell, peg 36, 236-12-0; 3rd A Oldham, Frenzee, peg 20, 192-6-0.

Sun Open, Moat: 1st I Jowell, Leegem, peg 38, 141-12-0, short pole with pellet and meat for carp to 9lb; 2nd R Austin, Halkon Hunt, peg 55, 116-12-0; 3rd J Powell, Parkgate Angling, peg 71, 91-10-0.

Mon Veterans, Bridge: 1st L Hewison, Leegem, peg 21, 77-9-0, shallow pole at 14m with pellet and meat for carp to 10lb; 2nd M Fellows, peg 4, 69-14-0; 3rd D Sewell, peg 58, 64-8-0.

Tue Pm, Moat: 1st L Hewison, Leegem, peg 17, 122-12-0, shallow waggler alternating between pellet and paste; 2nd A Cordall, peg 2, 97-2-0; 2nd C Owen, Parkgate Angling, peg 64, 92-15-0; 3rd P Elliott, Leegem, peg 35, 90-1-0.

Thu Veterans, Moat: 1st A Sellars, Bankside Tackle, peg 102, 81-1-0, shallow waggler with paste; 2nd K Pacey, peg 71, 80-4-0; 3rd W Lomas, Leegem, peg 33, 79-8-0.

Fri Pm, Moat: 1st K Baxter, peg 39, 146-5-0, worm and maggot over groundbait; 2nd J Masson, Colmic, peg 57, 123-0-0; 3rd M Hall, peg 75, 116-9-0.

Sherwood Forest Fisheries: Tue Open, Sherwood Lake: 1st Craig Brazier, peg 41 64-3-0, 6m pole caster and maggot down the margins for a mixed bag of skimmers, ide and carp; 2nd Andy Lakey, Worksop Angling Supplies, peg 50, 45-4-0; 3rd Lee Parker, Phil’s Bait & Tackle, peg 42, 39-4-0.

Wed Open, Holmedale Lake: 1st Craig Brazier, peg 17, 193-1-0, pole pellet up in the water, changing to maggot fished in the margins for better results to net almost 2 ton of carp; 2nd Nigel Shipman, peg 26, 152-12-0; 3rd Rob Ward, peg 14, 152-5-0.


Worksop United AC: Trent, Weirfield: 1st R Allen, peg 5, 68-9-0, alternating between feeder and waggler for a good mixed river net of barbel and bream; 2nd D Rushton, peg 2, 45-14-0, hemp and caster for barbel; 3rd J Gibson, peg 7, 28-12-0, again barbel and bream making up the catch.

Tuesday Club: Little John Fishery, Maid Marian Lake: 1st John Moore, peg 10, 95-11-0, meat over hemp for an all-carp net; 2nd Brod Perkins, peg 25, 83-4-0, bomb pellet; 3rd Billy Richardson, peg 26, 66-13-0, alternating bomb and waggler tactics; 4th Mel Morris, peg 8, 66-11-0, bomb pellet and pole paste for carp.

This was the last of the 20 match series.

The Dave Lane Memorial Match will be held at Wetlands on 30th September, entry £15, draw at 8:45am.

Please book with Dorian Lane on 07505121648.

The Over 50s Lodge Farm Winter League starts 22nd October, £20 entrance fees to be paid by 15th October. Contact Bill on 07815 030694.

Stanley St Social Club: Kiveton Farm, Bottom Pond: 1st Steve Sutton, peg 47, 43-12-0, pole in the margins with corn and feeder further out; 2nd Derek Brown, peg 71, 34-12-0, past at distance for carp; 3rd Steve Pogson, peg 52, 24-8-0, maggot feeder with double maggot for an all-chub net.

The last match of the Summer series will be Sunday 28th September at Candy Corner, Oscars Lake, draw 8:30am.

Whitwell AS: Clearwater Lakes: 1st Trevor McLaughlin, peg 18, 64-3-0, pole worm and pellet; 2nd Kevin Askin, peg 11, 63-3-0, 8m pole with worm and corn; 3rd Paul Hallybone, peg 8, 34-7-0, 11m pole with worm and caster.

Anyone interested in joining this friendly local club can write to Secretary Ian Aird at 38 Butt Hill, Whitwell, Worksop, Notts.

If you have stories, results or pictures of your bankside exploits, email alan@pikemaster.co.uk or give me a call on 07815 308463.

Tight lines! Alan Dudhill