One, two, three for local runners

The York Urban Race, on Bank Holiday Monday, saw a one, two, three result for Bassetlaw Orienteering Club.

In their respective races Alexander Ridgway finished first, Helen Parkinson second and Fraser Ridgway third.

Also competing and having encouraging results in their races were Oonah Ridgway (11th), Will Parkinson (14th), Andrew Ridgway (10th), Graeme Huggan (14th) and Robert Parkinson (10th).

Last weekend Bassetlaw’s orienteers were in action at Cromford, near Matlock, where the latest East Midlands league event took place.

The courses provided a tough physical challenge as well as being tricky to navigate around.

Local runners’ results were: Yellow Course 7th Tom Cooley; Orange Course 7th Fraser Ridgway; Light Green 9th Eleanor Cooley, 12th Cameron Ridgway; Short Green 20th Juliet Severn; Green Course 27th Andrew Ridgway, 42nd Oonah Ridgway, 44th Alexander Ridgeway; Blue Course 49th Graeme Huggan.

This Saturday sees the action move to Nottingham University where the local leg of the East Midlands Urban League takes place.