Lee Westwood home to rebuild his life

Lee Westwood.
Lee Westwood.

Worksop golf star Lee Westwood tied for 17th place at last week’s British Masters at Woburn as he returned home to rebuild his life.

Westwood, who had based himself in Florida since 2012, has given up his PGA Tour membership and decided to come back to the UK to be closer to his two children as he goes through a divorce.

But, although he admitted his children came before his sport, he is still aiming to make the Ryder Cup team next year.

Westwood’s Masters finish earned him 50,285 Euros and he said: “It’s great to be playing the British Masters again. It’s not been around for a long time and very good to see it back. It’s great to play in front of the crowds in England, and Woburn, as well.

“Woburn is an historic place for English and British golf, and the British public like to come out and watch golf.”

He added: “I’ve always said I’ve had priorities and golf was not the most important thing, but obviously my kids are now.

“I’m moving back to Britain, have given up my PGA Tour membership and, for personal reasons, will play the European Tour predominantly, so I can be where I need to be.

“I don’t know what it will do for my game – I haven’t really much thought about it – but living in the States didn’t move it in the direction I hoped.

“My ranking has fallen a lot and I need to address that and play well to keep myself in the top 50. I do still believe I can get back up there. I’m 42 and have a few niggles but am in pretty good shape – so it will just be down to hard work.

“I won’t lie – golf doesn’t mean as much to me now as it did, say, five years ago. Yet I am still prepared to graft at it.

“As far as the Ryder Cup goes, well, obviously I’ve played in nine in a row and want to keep that going. It’s the biggest buzz we get from any tournament. But if I’m not involved as a player then I’d like to be in the backroom. I’d like to help out Darren (Clarke), with a view to being the captain down the road.”