It’s a prime time for specimen carp catch

Rex Durham looking deservedly pleases with his new pb gravel pit mirror at 33lb 8oz
Rex Durham looking deservedly pleases with his new pb gravel pit mirror at 33lb 8oz

As the cooler months approach carp sense the changes in pressure, which triggers them into feeding heavily in preparation for the winter.

Large, older specimens are relatively smart so rarely get caught.

However, over the next month or so they will be feeding so hard that they’ll be much more likely to make a mistake and pick up your hook bait.

For best results, start to decrease the amount of pre-baiting and free offerings as the weather cools so they’re more likely to drop their guard and pick up your bait.

Presentation is the key to success.

Experience and patience paid off for local specimen ace Rex Durham (pictured) after he landed a colossal 33lb 8oz gravel pit mirror.

This is a new personal best for Gold Baits Consultant Rex, who fished boilies over a large area pre-baited with mixed particles and crushed boilies.

Remember, large carp need specialist tackle and can easily be injured during playing and handling so treat them with upmost respect and make sure you hold them in the water long enough for them to recover before releasing.


Hallcroft Fisheries: Mon Veterans, Bridge: 1st R Holmes, peg 34, 95-3-0, 12m pole with banded 6mm and 8mm pellet; 2nd P Schoof, peg 20, 75-1-0; 3rd C Yves, peg 23, 55-8-0.

Tue Pm, Moat: 1st A Oldham, Frenzee, peg 56, 106-0-0, short pole with corn and pellet for carp to 8lb; 2nd P Schoof, peg 30, 93-13-0; 3rd A Berisford, Leegem, peg 98, 90-13-0.

Thu Pm, Moat: 1st A Sellars, Bankside Tackle, peg 24, 80-4-0, alternating short pole paste and feeder to the aerator for carp to 12lb; 2nd S Cook, peg 9, 69-9-0; 3rd G Schoof, peg 34, 52-11-0.

Fri Pm, Moat: 1st R Teigh, peg 11, 107-12-0, shallow pole pellet and corn over pellet for 17 carp to 8lb; 2nd G Leversidge, Marukyu, peg 20, 101-14-0; 3rd P Miles, peg 37, 91-13-0.

Sat Open, Moat: 1st P Elliott, Leegem, peg 43, 132-14-0, pellet cone with hair-rigged corn switching to margins for bonus carp; 2nd S Cook, peg 5, 87-0-0; 3rd R Teigh, peg 32, 74-12-0.

Sun Open, Moat/ Bridge: 1st P Elliott, Leegem, peg M50, 109-14-0, 13m pole with worm over pellet and hemp for 16 carp to 10lb; 2nd S Clark, peg M57, 104-12-0; 3rd S Sheperd, Leegem, peg B4, 91-1-0..


Worksop United AC: Sunday Clearwater: 1st R Allen, peg 84, 124-0-0, pellet waggler; 2nd P Nunn, peg 82, 59-0-0, pole paste; 3rd D Rushton, peg 79, 39-0-0. 

Tuesday Club: Oak Tree Fisheries, Misterton: 1st Mick Pogson, peg 5, 44-2-0, alternating between bomb pellet fished to island and pole paste in margins for carp; 2nd Dorian Lane, peg 7, 37-0-0, pole pellet fished short and up in the water; 3rd Mel Kirton, peg 13, 34-10, pole pellet; 4th Mel Morris, peg 14, 28-10-0, pole paste.

Over 50s Lodge Farm Winter League starts 22nd October. £20 entrance fees to be paid by 15th October.

Contact Bill for further details on 07815 030694.

Stanley St Social Club: Sunday River Trent, Farndon: 1st Ian (Bibby) Johnston, 3-8-0, stick float on 18ft bolo-style rod with maggot for small roach; Joint 2nd Derek Brown, 2-0-0, feeder for perch and roach and Steve Royle, 2-0-0, maggot feeder.

Next match in the series will be 21st September at Kiverton Hall Farm. Draw 8:30am.


Toft Newton Reservoir: 83 Rods caught 139 trout giving a rod average of 1.67.

Boat sport has come into its own in the last couple of weeks.

The best fish of the week at 6lb 12oz blessed Brian Simmon’s rod.

Buzzer hatches have boosted evening catches with best methods being washing line with a small FAB or Booby teamed with Diawl Bachs, or dries such as Hoppers, Daddies, Bobs Bits and Cul De Canards.

Free Boat Tuesday will continue until further notice.

Boats must be booked in advance quoting FBT.

For more information or to book boats please call the fishery office on 01673 878453.

If you have stories, results or pictures email or give me a call on 07815 308463.