Impressive teen is well accomplished

Top Junior Aaron Allen admires his new personal best mirror carp at 23lb 9oz
Top Junior Aaron Allen admires his new personal best mirror carp at 23lb 9oz

At only 13 years of age, Aaron Allen already has an impressive catch record.

Though better known for his match fishing with the Worksop Junior Team, he is also a well accomplished specimen angler with an impressive list of personal bests under his belt.

He’s landed carp to 23lb 9oz (pictured), roach to 2lb 5oz, Pike to 11lb 7oz, chub to 2lb and eels over the 3lb mark.

Another Matt Hayes in the making I think.


Sherwood Forest Fisheries: Mon Open, Holmedale: 1st W Woodland, peg 19, 67-1-0, pole paste at 11m for carp to 8lb; 2nd J Wiseman, peg 21, 59-12-0; 3rd L Parker, Phil’s Bait & Tackle, peg 57, 48-8-0.

Tue Open, Sherwood: 1st D Round, Woodhouse Angling, peg 37, 66-7-0, pole caster for a mixed bag of ide, skimmers and carp; 2nd S Richards, peg 51, 56-11-0; 3rd J Holmes, Woodhouse Angling, peg 57, 51-14-0.

Sun Open, Holmedale: 1st N Shipman, peg 36, 66-3-0, feeder, 24 carp to 7lb. 2nd J Woodland, peg 45, 64-3-0; 3rd P Carline, Subfish, peg 9, 53-6-0.

Mon Open, Holmedale: 1st J Woodland, peg 42, 91-1-0, 12m pole with paste for carp. 2nd D Percival, Leegem, peg 36, 80-7-0; 3rd C Brown, peg 32, 54-4-0.

Tue Open, Sherwood: 1st M Burrell, Gateford Angling, peg41, 94-7-0, pole caster for a mixed bag of ide, skimmers and carp. 2nd F Bispham, peg 43, 67-4-0; 3rd S Richards, peg 37, 62-10-0.

Wed Open, Holmedale: 1st I Rowney, peg 21, 155-7-0, alternating between paste and maggots down the margins for carp to 9lb. 2nd M Brown, Eastwood Angling, peg 17, 145-15-0; 3rd J Woodland, peg 24, 130-1-0.

Lodge Farm Fisheries: Tue Open, Long Island: 1st D Evans, peg 101, 158-9-0 peg 101, pole meat for an all-carp net; 2nd G Brookes, peg 88, 118-6-0; 3rd S Niemas, peg 78, 72-12-0.

Wed Over 50s, Lily Pond: 1st G Morris, peg 53, 79-5-0, Garry used pole paste for Carp; 2nd K Walters, peg 67, 74-6-0; 3rd R Turner, peg 69, 71-0-0.

Thu Open, Field Pond: 1st D Jackson, peg 14, 138-12-0; 2nd D Evans, peg 2, 128-2-0; 3rd G Brookes, peg 10, 122-10-0.

Thu Pm, Top Pond: 1st M Foy, peg 5, 43-11-0, pole pellet for Bream and Carp; 2nd S Pendelbury, peg 34, 42-5-0; 3rd M Parsons, peg 45, 37-15-0.

Daiwa Hallcroft Fisheries: Mon Open, Moat: 1st S Conry, peg 26, 122-5-0; 2nd P Miles, peg 94, 110-13-0; 3rd P Schoof, peg 68, 105-14-0.

Thu Veterans, Moat: 1st N Wood, peg 21, 81-12-0; 2nd A Sellars, Bankside Tackle, peg 63, 68-13-0; 3rd R Mawer, peg 66, 67-0-0.

Fri Pm Open, Moat: 1st P Miles, peg 6, 154-10-0; 2nd M Hall, Map, peg 56, 150-3-0; 3rd S Robbins, Leegem, peg 95, 133-2-0.

Sat Open, Moat: 1st S Clark, peg 57, 111-4-0; 2nd A Lakey, Worksop Angling Supplies, peg 33, 80-1-0; 3rd P Miles, peg 2, 66-14-0.

Sun Open, Moat/Bridge: 1st S Shepherd, Leegem, peg M47, 109-1-0; 2nd P Eliott, Leegem, peg B10, 103-1-0; 3rd M Brownell, peg M73, 98-12-0.

Sun Open/Spring Festival, Moat/Bridge: 1st D Stables, peg M6, 98-15-0; 2nd P Miles, peg M93, 90-11-0; 3rd I Taylor, Medusa, peg M14, 83-12-0.


Stanley Street Social Club: Sun Sherwood Farm Park, Sherwood Lake: 1st Steve Sutton, peg 40, 48-8-0, mixed bag of Ide, Bream and Roach; 2nd Ben Story, peg 39, 45-1-0; 3rd Mel Kirton, peg 48, 27-0-0.

Next match in the Summer Series will be at Side Farm Fisheries near Thurcroft on Sunday 15th June, draw 8:30am.

Tuesday Club: Lakeside: 1st Mel Morris, peg 29, 32-15-0, Skimmers and bonus Carp. 2nd Andy Hill, peg 21, 31-7-0; 3rd Dorrian Lane, peg 28, 25-8-0; 4th Mick Pogson, peg 24, 25-5-0.


Toft Newton Reservoir: Ninety-two rods caught 488 trout for a good rod average of 5.3.

Tactics to try are Buzzers, Diawl Bachs, Crunchers, Shipmans, Bobs Bits or anything similar. Top rod Dave Mcgeever managed over 30 fish on small dries during a single session so get down to Toft for some great sport. For more information or to book boats or lessons please contact the fishery on 01673 878453 or 07850 351695.

If you have stories, results or pictures email me at or give me a call on 07815 308463.