Hipwell frustrated by penalty in Silverstone sprint race

Dean Hipwell at Silverstone
Dean Hipwell at Silverstone

Harworth’s Dean Hipwell and the CDH Racing team were in action at Silverstone last weekend, in the British Supersport Championship.

Although he rode well, Hipwell was not satisfied with his 19th and 15th places, and lamented a ride through penalty in the sprint race.

Due to the torrential rain which hit the circuit on Saturday morning, the qualifying session was delayed.

With the weather improving but with the track still wet, the qualifying session commenced at 1.45pm.

Hipwell found it difficult and qualified in 21st for the late afternoon’s sprint race.

As they formed up on the grid many riders including Hipwell decided to change the front wheel for one with a different tyre compound.

The race eventually got underway with him making up six places by the end of the first lap.

Despite this good start Hipwell was frustrated by a ride through penalty because the team had taken too long on the grid to change the front wheel.

This dropped him back to 27th at the end of the fourth lap, although he made it up into 22nd very quickly.

Over the remaining three laps Hipwell managed to pick off another three riders to cross the finishing line in a creditable 19th place out of thirty six starters.

His fastest lap would only see him start from 18th on the grid for Sunday’s feature race

Sunday afternoon’s race started with Hipwell getting past both the Triumph of Curran and the Yamaha of Paulo to end the second lap in 16th.

On the fourth lap he overtook the Kawasaki of Josh Corner to move into 15th and that was the position he had at the chequered flag.

Hipwell stays in 14th in the championship standings.