Hayden is the youngest ever Street champ

Hayden Staniland with Antony Coupe
Hayden Staniland with Antony Coupe
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Hayden Staniland has become the youngest ever winner of Stanley Street Social Club’s Summer Snooker Competition.

The pre season tournament, held for Stanley Street members, is seen by many as a warm up to the start of the new Worksop Snooker League season, which starts in September.

A packed Stanley Street witnessed a cracking final between Stanley B player Nigel Beeston and former Stanley D player Staniland, just 13 years of age.

Beeston started the better with a few decent break to erode into the 15 start per frame handicap, Staniland conceding with the colours remaining.

The second frame was totally the opposite with Staniland extending his lead to over 40 points.

In the third frame Staniland continued to play well, building once again on his handicap start to take a 2-1 lead.

The final frame was nip and tuck with Beeston getting the 15 start back.

Beeston potted the yellow, however missed the green, leaving Staniland to pot green, then the brown, followed by the frame ball blue and a lovely pink to put the match beyond all doubt.

Proud parents Jo and Paul Staniland and grandparents Pat and Ivan Tingle witnessed the victory.

Staniland, who has played in Division One for Stanley Street, has been attending coaching at Notts Arena Academy and feature in the Notts Arena B team next year.