Harriers sixth in first event

Nathan Langley
Nathan Langley

The Worksop Harriers finished a respectable sixth, in their Youth Development League Midlands Division One debut.

The club’s youngsters won promotion last year, and although they’ve become a strong force in Notts county athletics, competing against the best regional clubs presents a stiffer challenge and more travelling.

Emily Race of Worksop Harriers

Emily Race of Worksop Harriers

But it also gives the young Harriers a chance to experience competitions against better quality athletes and in turn better themselves.

The opening meeting was at Leicester where the club finished sixth .

In each event the clubs can score two athletes, one ‘A’ and one ‘B’.

Under 15 boys: Nathan Garrett: high jump ‘A’ (1st, 1.62), long jump ‘A’ (2nd, 5.09), shot ‘B’ (2nd, 8.07); Nathan Langley: shot ‘A’ (1st, 10.65), discus ‘A’ (2nd, 25.75), 80mH ‘A’ (4th, 13.7); Josh Charters: 1500m ‘A’ (1st, 4.48.3), discus ‘B’ (3rd, 15.16), 100 ‘B’ (4th, 14.7); William Hickton: 100 ‘A’ (7th, 14.0), 200m ‘A’ (7th, 27.9), long jump ‘B’ (2nd, 4.32); Thomas Hall: javelin ‘A’ (6th, 16.59), 800m ‘A’ (7th, 2.40.5 ), 300m ‘B’ (4th, 49.7); Sam Wragg: 300m ‘A’ (6th , 46.9), 200m ‘B’ (7th, 30.8), 1500m ‘B’ (1st, 4.52.1); Ryan Wright: high jump ‘B’ (1st, 1.35), 800m ‘B’ (3rd, 2.48.3), 80mH ‘B’ (3rd, 19.8); 4 x 300m relay: Josh, Sam, William & Nathan L (2nd, 3.08.3).

Under 13 boys: Ewan Bowns: long jump ‘A’ (4th, 3.44), 100m ‘A’ (6th, 16.1), 200m ‘A’ (6th, 32.2); Laith Gladwin: high jump ‘A’ (1st, 1.30), 1500m ‘A’ (3rd, 5.29.1), 100m ‘B’ (2nd, 30.0); Ethan Warner; 800m ‘A’ (4th, 3.04.7), shot ‘A’ (4th, 4.64), 75mH ‘B’ (3rd, 17.9); Joseph Ellis: javelin ‘A’ (6th, 12.63), high jump ‘B’ (3rd, 1.05), 800m ‘B’ (4th, 2.57.5); Callum Ward: 75nH ‘A’ (3rd, 17.4), 1500m ‘B’ (3rd, 6.49.7), long jump ‘B’ (3rd, 3.07); 4 x 100m relay: Ethan, Ewan, Joseph & Laith (2nd, 61.3).

Under 15 girls: Emily Race: 75mH (2nd, 12.3), high jump ‘A’ (3rd, 1.45), javelin ‘A’ (4th, 18.00); Sophie Mills: long jump ‘A’ (2nd, 4.45), 100m ‘A’ (3rd, 13.2), 200m ‘A’ (4th, 27.6); Nikita Turner; hammer ‘A’ (4th, 14.56); Charlotte Oakes: 800m ‘A’ (5th, 2.46.1), 300m ‘A’ (7th, 51.1), discus ‘A’ (7th, 9.35); Emma Greaves: 1500m ‘A’ (6th, 6.23.6), long jump ‘B’ (6th, 3.29); Abigail Pennington: 100m ‘B’ (4th, 14.9), 200m ‘B’ (5 th, 30.3); Lucy Harrop: 75mH ‘B’ (3rd, 18.0), high jump ‘B’ (4th, 1.20), 800m ‘B’ (6th, 2.56.0); Amelia Harrop: 1500m ‘B’ (4th, 6.42.0), hammer ‘B’ (3rd, 10.94), javelin ‘B’ (4th, 8.22); Victoria West shot ‘A’ (7th, 3.76); 4 x 100m relay: Abigail, Emily, Charlotte & Sophie (6th, 58.7); 4 x 300m relay: Emma, Victoria, Amelia & Lucy (5th, 3.39.7).

Under 13 girls: Laura Betts: high jump ‘A’ (3= 1.10), 150m ‘B’ (4th, 23.6), 800m ‘B’ (7th, 3.12.1); Eugenie Baines: 150m ‘A’ (5th, 23.3), 100m ‘A’ (6th, 11.7), long jump ‘A’ (7th, 3.23); Erin Lonsdale: javelin (6th, 6.95); Charlotte Mills: 800m ‘A’ (7th, 3.19.3); Megan North: shot ‘A’ (7th, 2.82), 1200m ‘B’ (5th, 5.35.4); Ellie Fisher: 1200m ‘A’ (7th, 5.26.1), 75mH ‘B’ (5th, 17.5); Charlotte Mills: long jump ‘B’ (5th, 3.21), 100m ‘B’ (6th, 12.8); 4 x 100m relay: Ellie, Eugenie, Charlotte & Laura (7th, 65.3).

The next meeting in the Youth Development League is at Stoke on 31st May.