Harriers shine in Mini League’s second meeting

Worksop Harrier Mia Swindell
Worksop Harrier Mia Swindell

The Worksop Harriers had some outstanding individual results in the second meeting of the Notts Mini League track and field competition at Kirkby-in Ashfield.

Freya Dolby’s Grade One performance in the Under 11 girls 600m was the highlight, as she narrowly missed out on the league record.

Emily Race also did very well with a Grade Two performance to win the Under 15 girls 75m hurdles and the high jump.

A very close Under 17s high jump saw Tom Carratt and George Earle both push each other to new personal bests to finish first and second.


Under 11 girls: Freya Dolby: 600m ( 1st, 1.57.6, G1), 80m (2nd, 12.3, G3) 150m (2nd, 23.5),Molly Hind: chest push (1st, 4.74m), 80m (14.8), long jump (2.04m), Mia Swindell: long jump (6th, 3.0m, G4), 80m (12.9, G4), 150 ( 23.5, G3), Teegan Page: 80m (12.9, G4), chest push (4.36m), long jump (2.63m), Laren Kirk: 80m (13.4), chest push (4.38m), long jump ( 2.75m), Eleanor Clark: 80m (13.4), chest push ( 4.59m), long jump (2.76m), Emily Beeves 80m (14.7), chest push ( 3.97m), long jump (2.16m), 4 x 100m relay: Eleanor, Mia, Teegan and Freya (1st, 63.6).

Under 11 boys: Flynn Ward : 600m (5th, 2.12.0), 150m (5th, 25.1), 80m (7th, 13.1), Jake Charters: high jump (=4th, 1.0m, G4), chest push (6th, 4.55m), 600m (2.18.5).

Under 13 girls: Ellie Fisher: shot (4th, 4.98m), javelin (5th, 8.87m), 70mH (6th, 16.7), Erin Lonsdale: 800m (6th, 2.53.5), 70mH (19.2), Laura Betts: 100m (6th, 15.8), 200m (6th, 34.1), shot (4.6m), Charlotte Mills: long jump (7th, 3.20m), 100m (16.2), 200m (35.2), 4 x 100m relay: Ellie, Charlotte, Erin & Laura (7th, 65.3).

Under 13 boys: Regan Langley: javelin (2nd, 20.67m), shot (1st, 6.82m), Laith Gladwin: 200m (4th, 30.6), 800m (5th, 2.39.4), 100m (6th, 14.7), Callum Ward: 75mH (5th, 17.6), 800m (3.18.9), long jump ( 3.16m), Ewan Bowns: long jump (5th, 3.53m), 100m (15.5), 200m (33.4), Hayden Greaves: 100m (15.9), 200m (32.3), long jump (3.11m), Oliver Oakes: 100m (16.5), shot (4.13m), Joseph Ellis: 100m (16.8), 800m (2.53.3), javelin (13.93m), 4 x 100m relay: Oliver, Ewan, Hayden and Laith (5th, 61.8).

Under 15 girls: Emily Race: 75mH (1st, 12.3, G2), high jump (1st, 1.45m, G3), javelin (3rd, 17.06m), Sophie Mills: 100m (1st, 13.6), javelin (13.97m), Charlotte Oakes: 800m (3rd, 2.43.2), javelin (9.4m), Amelia Biddulph: discus (4th, 14.3m), high jump (1.25m), javelin ( 13.9m), Nikita Turner: 75mH (19.4), 800m (3.09.4), discus ( 12.21m), Emma Greaves: 100m (14.7), 800m (2.56.4), Amelia Harrop: discus (10.33m), javelin (11.4m), Victoria West: 800m (3.11.5), discus (9.03m), javelin (6.81m), 4 x 100m relay: Emma, Emily, Chralotte and Sophie (2nd, 55.3).

Under 15 boys: Nathan Langley: 80mH (1st, 13.2, G4), discus (1st, 28.6m, G4), 200m (3rd, 26.1), Joshua Charters: 800m (1st, 2.18.5, G4), javelin (4th, 21.5m), 200m (28.5), William Hickton: long jump (3rd, 4.34m), 100m (4th, 13.7), James Carratt : discus (16.18m), javelin (20.23m).

Under 17 girls: Georgina Page: high jump (1st, 1.2m), javelin (1st, 16.04m).

Under 17 boys: Tom Carratt: high jump (1st, 1.62m, G4), javelin (4th, 25.85m), 200m (5th, 27.0), 800m (5th, 2.47.3), George Earle: high jump (2nd, 1.6m, G4), 800m (3rd, 2.19.2), javelin (3rd, 26.97m), Ryan Page: 200m (4th, 26.5), high jump (5th, 1.4m), 800m (6th, 2.57.5), javelin (5th, 24.67m).

The next meeting in the league for the Harriers juniors will take place at Bingham on 15th June.