Gym Club excels in first competitions

Worksop Gym Club
Worksop Gym Club

Members of Worksop Gymnastics Club have excelled in recent county and regional competitions, bringing home a host of medals.

In the first competition of the season, the County Flood and Vault Championships, the club took all the top honours.

Annalise Dolby became 8/9 Champion with teammates Acacia Green and Devon Kaye taking silver and bronze.

Grace Ally won age 10/11 with Aimee Mellors taking silver, while Millie Davison and Charley Blount won ages 12/13 and 14+ respectively.

The girls, along with Amelia Pullinger and Emily Alcock, went on to represent the county at the regional finals in Leicester.

Millie Davison became Regional Age 12/13 champion and Charley Blount took both individual silver and a team bronze in her age group.

Annalise Dolby took individual silver in the age 8/9 age group and a team silver with Acacia Green and Devon Kaye.

Grace Ally won bronze at age10/11 and team bronze alongside Amelia Pullinger.

A week later the younger members were in action at the regional under 8s Floor and Vault, where five-year-old Alex Bell won for the boys, with Joshua Nicholson third.

For the girls, Kiera Harvey, seven, won gold, Charlotte Alcock, six, silver and Lana Coupland, seven, bronze.

The Elite girls were back in action at the Grading competitions .

Sophie Denton and Emily Alcock both passed Regional Grade 14 with distinction, with Emily also winning bronze.

Freya White and Elizabeth Powell also passed Grade 14.

It was distinctions all round at Grade 13 for Annalise Dolby, who also won bronze, and Acacia Green, who had the competition’s highest beam score to finish fifth.

Grace Ally was top scorer on vault and floor and deservedly became Grade 12 Champion with distinction.

Aimee Mellors, Millie Davison and Amelia Pullinger also passed with distinctions and Lauren Hughes passed.

At Grade 11 Hanna Morton got the highest scores on vault and bars to receive distinction and take the title .

Charley Blount also received distinction at Grade 11 and Emilia Bradshaw passed.

Leah Waddington narrowly missed the Grade 10 medals but still had highest scores on vault and bars for distinction.

Abby MacPherson passed National Grade 8 and Pippa Chalmers passed National Grade 7 with distinction.

She has also qualified to represent the East Midlands at the national finals in Birmingham on the 18th May.