Grafton boys off to a great start at Aston

Grafton's Walt Elgey patiently waits for his next bite but he didn't have to wait long
Grafton's Walt Elgey patiently waits for his next bite but he didn't have to wait long

The Grafton boys are out of hibernation and were off to a great start at Aston Park’s Lanta Lake.

All enjoyed some great action but Walt Elgey’s decision to use caster paid off with over 74lb of ide and carp to beat runner-up Mick Simpson by over 30lb.


Daiwa Hallcroft Fisheries: Mon Veterans Costcutter, Bridge: 1st M Cordall, peg 26, 68-2-0, pellet and corn: 2nd I Temple, peg 10, 62-4-0; 3rd R Brooks, peg 26, 47-8-0.

Tue Pm Costcutter, Moat: 1st D Whiting, peg 34, 51-10-0, worm over maggots and micros for Carp and Skimmers; 2nd D Clegg, Brittannia, peg 60, 48-7-0; 3rd M Hall, Map Tuxford, peg 73, 33-10-0.

Thu Veterans, Bridge: 1st J Urruty, peg 19, 66-7-0, shallow pole meat and pellet at 13m; 2nd D Whiting, peg 47, 60-14-0; 3rd A Favill, peg 6, 46-12-0.

Fri Pm, Moat: 1st S Clark, peg 73, 98-6-0, short pole meat for Carp to 10lb; 2nd P Miles, peg 110, 68-10-0; 3rd M Malia, peg 30, 54-10-0.

Sat Open, Moat: 1st S Clark, peg 38, 104-11-0, pole worm Bream and Carp; 2nd P Miles, peg 51, 60-7-0; 3rd G Gibson, peg 2, 59-10-0.

Sun Open/Spring Festival Match, Moat/Bridge: 1st D Stables, peg M6, 98-15-0, 6m pole, worm over gb; 2nd P Miles, peg M93, 90-11-0; 3rd I Taylor, Medusa, peg M14, 83-12-0.


Worksop & District AA Juniors: Our juniors proved they are on top form again this year after taking on 14 teams from across the country in the Under 18s Pole Champs held at Westwood Lakes, Boston.

Red Team took silver with 13 points, averaging over 60lb per angler, only just missing out on top spot to the local Sensas Juniors.

Hats off to the Red Team lads; Dan Slack, Dalton Mullinger, Macauley Duke and Cameron Cross.

Cameron Cross also achieved individual gold with a weight of 90lb, beating his nearest rival by over 10lb.

Blue Team members are only 14 years old and had never fished a competition before but still finished a commendable eighth over-all with some great individual efforts.

The future is looking bright.

Thanks to all involved in the running of the club, particularly the coaches and parents for putting up with their many practice sessions.

Special thanks to Geoff Mawby, Gateford Angling Supplies for sponsoring the event and providing the teams with bait.

Tuesday Club: Lodge Farm, Field Pond: 1st Billy Richardson, peg 1, 84-6-0, shallow pole pellet for an all-Carp net; 2nd Mel Kirton, peg 9, 74-5-0, feeder pellet for Skimmers and Carp; 3rd Andy Hill, peg 17, 68-6-0, corn and pellet down the margins; 4th Alan Sargeson, peg 18, 49-1-0, feeder and pole pellet.

British Gas AC: This is the first of a 10 match series held at Hayfield: 1st Mel Kirton, peg 55, 117-11-0, pellet feeder for Carp; 2nd Billy Richardson, peg 54, 100-0-0, pole pellet; 3rd Ronnie Fern, peg 46, 52-8-0; 4th Alan Harrison, peg 40, 51-0-0.

Worksop United AC: Sun Candy Corner: 1st M Rushton, peg 18, 57-6-0, pellet in margins; 2nd P Martin, peg 19, 47-9-0, pole pellet; 3rd P Nunn, peg 30, 34-10-0, pellet on pole and bomb.

Grafton AA: Sun Aston Park, Lanta Lake: 1st Walt Elgey (pictured), 74-8-0, pole caster for Ide and Carp; 2nd Mick Simpson, 42-0-0, pole pellet; 3rd Ian Scott, 40-0-0, pole worm.


Toft Newton Reservoir: 76 rods caught 288 Trout for a rod average of 3.79.

Best methods are buzzers and nymphs on floating and midge tip lines.

A lot of new starters this year taking up the ‘£40 to learn’ offer.

Recent newcomer Sally Jackson started off with a lovely 5lb Rainbow on her first visit.

In the coming weeks Toft will be launching their new boat pairs competition ‘The Toft Masters’.

There will be two heats and a final with some cash prizes up for grabs so get your name down for this and other events.

For more information call 01673 878453 or 07850 351695

If you have stories, results or pictures email me at or give me a call on 07815 308463.