Grading joy for martial arts experts as they pass dan exam

Sensei's James Bilson and Jeff Walker of Laughton
Sensei's James Bilson and Jeff Walker of Laughton

A pair of Laughton Shotokan Karate Club instructors have both successfully passed their third dan black belt exams.

The duo, James Bilson and Jeff Walker, were tested in Nottingham on Sunday, with the grading witnessed by an expert panel headed by ninth dan Shihan Ken Hillyard.

During the exam they covered combination work, sparring and forms.

In preparation for the tough and demanding gradings, both Bilson and Walker have been receiving coaching from senior instructors of the Traditional Karate Union and the European Karate Association.

Both instructors teach at Laughton En Le Morthern Village Hall on Monday evenings, which is well attended by students of all ages.

The club has now opened its books for new members and the club secretary JamesBilson can be contacted on 01909 562234 for any enquiries.