Fighters do Maltby proud at ‘interclub’

Ewan and Ethan Hickling and Ellie Murphy, representing Maltby Thai Boxing Club
Ewan and Ethan Hickling and Ellie Murphy, representing Maltby Thai Boxing Club

A team of Maltby fighters did the town proud at a major Thai Boxing event in Leeds, taking on stiff competition from across the country.

Kiaphontip gym hosted a large ‘interclub’ fight show, where fighters did battle with knees, kicks and punches to test their skills.

Representing Maltby Thai Boxing Club were 10-year-old Ellie Murphy and brothers Ethan, 8 and Ewan Hickling, 12.

Interclub fights are held regularly all over the country.

Although not counted as real bouts for fighters’ records, they are still extremely tough, with both combatants going at it using all their striking weapons.

But the fights are held under safer circumstances, fighters wearing more protection and with no head contact allowed.

All three Maltby youngsters put in high level performances in some very tough interclub fights and got some great experience for their next big fights.

They will be held at a top junior fight show, also in Leeds, on Saturday.

The Maltby club, run by former British and European kickboxing champion and top Muay Thai trainer Phil Glover, has been producing some promising youngsters in recent years.

He told the Guardian: “Our classes have been very popular with children and adults alike, learning one of the most effective fighting sports and martial arts in the world.”

“Muay Thai or Thai Boxing originates from Thailand using knees, punches, kicks and elbows.”

“Not only is it very good for self defence but it’s also a fantastic cardio burner for those wanting to lose weight quickly.”

The club meets every week in Maltby.

For more details on classes contact Phil Glover on 07999 702676.