Everton man set for Silverstone Jaguar E-type race

Jaguar E-types at speed on Silverstone circuit.
Jaguar E-types at speed on Silverstone circuit.

EVERTON’S Mike Wilkinson is set for the greatest ever Jaguar E-type race, at this month’s Silverstone Classic meeting.

The historic motor racing meeting, on 22nd to 24th July, will give Wilkinson a chance to drive his own 1963 E-type in the race, being held to celebrate the car’s 50th anniversary.

In total, the biggest ever grid of racing E-types – 58 in all – will take part.

In addition, some 1,000 road-going E-types will be on display on the infield and will then take to the Silverstone Grand Prix circuit in a Guinness World Record parade on Saturday.

Wilkinson, 59, has echoed comments made this past week by BBC TV’s Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson who, in paying homage to the E-type, described it as “the last truly great thing Britain made with the possible exception of Concorde”.

The Everton man said: “Even though I’ve raced E-types since I was 21 it’s just as exciting now. This year’s Silverstone Classic will bring home just what an incredible car the E-type is – it was definitely ahead of its time.”

“We’ve raced our car for the past nine years. It has been so successful – we’ve won at least 25 races – and we’re hoping that we’ll be up near the front at Silverstone. We want to win.”