Elllie Murphy takes Maltby Thai Boxing title

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Club instructor and former champion Phil Glover presented this year’s Student Of The Year award to 12-year-old Ellie Murphy at Maltby Thai Boxing Club’s final training session of the year.

Ellie has been training in Muay Thai for four years at the Maltby club alongside her brother Jordan and her dad Paul Murphy.

During those four years Ellie has taken part in competitions where she has put her skills to the test and said her goal was one day to be a champion like her instructor, who was a British and European champion for many years.

Phil Glover said: “This young lady has been a constant role model at my club here in Maltby.

“She always turns up for class, always gives 100 per cent and, in life, dedication and hard work always pays off.

“Ellie will have a great future ahead of her.”

Anyone wishing to learn Thai Boxing at Phil’s club in Maltby should telephone 07999 702676 for more details.