Dinnington’s last gasp try stretches the lead

Dinnington v Doncaster Phoenix at Lodge Lane
Dinnington v Doncaster Phoenix at Lodge Lane


Dinnington 10


A try, with the last play of the game, gave Dinnington the narrowest of victories over one of their closest rivals for promotion.

With Ilkley not playing, Dinnington are now five points clear at the top and seven points clear of third place.

For 70 minutes there was not much to talk about, but the game livened up in the last 10 as Dinnington battled to rectify their errors which had allowed Phoenix to kick themselves into the lead.

Dinnington kicked off with the elements but were starved of possession for the opening quarter of an hour as Doncaster controlled the ball.

However, the visitors did little with it and only came close once, getting within 10 metres of the home line before conceding a penalty and allowing Dinnington to clear.

With their first bit of possession, Dinnington took the lead.

A penalty on halfway was kicked to the corner and then a catch and drive from the lineout was taken close in before John Dudley broke off to score.

Doncaster then had numerous penalties awarded to them and they tried to repeat Dinnington’s feat but each time the home side’s defence was up to the job and the danger was cleared.

The half ended with a lot of midfield play and neither side could carve out any more chances.

At the start of the second half, Dinnington lifted their game and went at Doncaster.

However, the conditions were not ideal and errors littered the play resulting in a lot of scrums.

As in the first half, Dinnington began to get penalised at the tackle and by showing their annoyance were regularly invited to go back 10.

On 18 minutes this allowed Doncaster to land a penalty.

From the restart, Dinnington were penalised and walked again and Doncaster kicked themselves into the lead.

The penalty count continued to mount and with 15 minutes to go Doncaster landed their third penalty to go 9-5 ahead.

Dinnington’s response was to force play to close to the visitors’ line and, somewhat unfortunately, Doncaster had a player sent to the bin, although no one was quite sure why.

Dinnington kicked to the corner but then lost the lineout.

However, they were soon back pressuring the Doncaster line.

Twice they were held up over the line and as the game went into the last five minutes the Doncaster defence came under some stern pressure.

A little bit of gamesmanship, players going down to kill time, raised the intensity of the game and then Dinnington’s chance seemed to have gone when they were penalised.

Sometimes you need a bit of luck and Dinnington’s came when Doncaster kicked for touch but the ball landed in play on half way and proceeded to roll end over end all the way over the dead ball line giving Dinnington another five metre scrum.

The visitors were penalised at the scrum and Jonny West took a quick tap and went for the line.

He was stopped but Will Marshall crashed through to score in the corner. West’s missed conversion was the last action of the game.

Dinnington have a week off before a trip to Wath.