Dave Simms ice hockey column: video judging is fine by me

Brad Day - man of the match Sheffield Steelers v Cardiff Devils 01/11/15
Brad Day - man of the match Sheffield Steelers v Cardiff Devils 01/11/15

My Twitter feed lit up like a Christmas tree as I drive home from Sunday’s 4-3 overtime victory over Cardiff – mainly from Cardiff Devils fans and they weren’t sending their congratulations!

No our Welsh friends were moaning at Steelers decision to broadcast a disallowed Levi Nelson goal in the second period of the game. A goal that would have put Steelers 3-1 ahead on the Arena video screen.

Tyler Mosienko’s shot was well saved by Ben Bowns but Nelson got the final touch from close range. Too close said referee Tom Pering who awarded “Man in the crease”

The video replay showed otherwise and was replayed not once, but twice. It was theatre. The crowd were on their feet and the roof of the arena was raised with Steelers fans showing their displeasure. In fact the energy coming from that incident alone drove the Steelers on – I’d go as far saying it was instrumental in creating the atmosphere that was then behind the Steelers until their OT winner.

Should it have been shown? I say yes. Video doesn’t lie. We are all accountable in life. If genuine mistakes are made I can’t see the problem in correcting them.

Around 4,500 people saw that the goal was a good one, you are insulting them and their intelligence if you don’t show it. Pering is a big boy, a young one learning his trade. I loved the way he knew the replay was being shown above his head. 4,500 people screaming and pointing to the screen and he never flinched.

Brad Day became the story of the night. The local lad with the shocking floppy haircut is now a hero of the arena. Replacing the injured Tyler Plante Day he had all of hearts in our mouths and came out victorious.

Steelers have a dilemma. What do they do now? No Plante for a month, they have to bring in an experienced goalie. Sounds harsh on the young goalie, but it’s the right decision. Brad has potential but his time isn’t now, not for a month long run anyway. We all love the lad, he has been a breath of fresh air. He did his job both in Manchester and against Cardiff. He will be called on again this year but right now Paul Thompson has to scour the world for a goalie that can be between the pipes at 7pm on Saturday at iceSheffield against Dundee.

Plant showed at the start of the year just how good he is. Now he needs the time to rest, mend and come back strong ahead of the busy Christmas period. I’ve heard and read some criticism of Thompson for playing Plante in the first period on Sunday. What tosh that is. Yes Plante was hurt but starting Plante gave us the best chance to win and remember that’s the most important thing. Give Tyler credit, he didn’t shirk off either, he played his part.

IceSheffield is the venue for the big game on Saturday – the venue was good to Steelers last season, after being a venue that cost us in the Finnerty and Christiansen era. This year the Steelers have dropped their only home point (overtime loss to Edinburgh) at their second home.

It’s crucial that the Steelers inject some life into this building. Travelling teams love the place because it’s a leveller. We have to get something going in the little en-suite, make it a hard place to come to. Make it intimidating. That’s down to us all. The players have an obligation to earn our applause. This in turn keeps them on the top of their game.

Marc LeFevbre has done a terrific job with the visitors Dundee Stars so far this year.

Top of their conference ahead of Braehead and Fife. Tied on points in the league standings with the Steelers. This is a very good side, one that will travel to Ice Sheffield expecting to get points. So far this season the Stars haven’t had a pointless weekend. They are consistently scoring goals and winning games. Saturday can’t be one of those nights.

Lets make iceSheffield our barn on Saturday folk – whoever is in goal.