Could another Sheffield Steelers' starlet be next man on the NHL gravy train?

Kieran Brown could be about to attract similar interest around the world this season as Liam Kirk enjoyed in the last Steelers' campaign.

The Sheffield club mentored Kirk, 18, on his journey towards an NHL entry draft this summer, the forward being picked by Arizona Coyotes in the US.

Brown, who will be the same age in February, is already on the radar of overseas clubs.

Asked whether the Bradford-born winger would attract the same level of interest as Kirk, Steelers' coach Paul Thompson said: "It depends on Kieran and how far he pushes himself.

"We know that he is another super talent; I already have had many scouts asking about him.

"They saw him in the (Great Britain) U18s. Right now Kieran is pencilled in as the 12/13th forward.

Kieran Brown

Kieran Brown

"He is a different player to Liam. He gets in on the forecheck, he plays a more robust game, he's smart and another one with great hockey IQ.

"It is going to be a fascinating year for him. He has got to get stronger, he has got to get fitter.

"He has been working with Danny (Mawer, conditioning coach) over the Summer, he is not a big guy, he is strong for his size. "

Thompson said all young and talented players faced a jump in quality at this stage of their development.

"You saw it in Liam Kirk's games.

"They all said 'He's not a big guy, he's not this, he's not the other,' and (then) he played for Arizona in a game and I thought for the first 30 minutes he was probably the best player on the ice."

The coach confirmed Brown would be competing chiefly with Brandon Whistle for a spot on the fourth line.

He said Whistle was "a 20-year-old guy who doesn't have any professional experience, it will be interesting to see the progress in both of them."

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