Cold snap sees weight drop

The Tuesday Club guys help Sue Bloom, owner of Springvale Lakes to celebrate her 50th Birthday.
The Tuesday Club guys help Sue Bloom, owner of Springvale Lakes to celebrate her 50th Birthday.

A sudden cold snap took its toll on match results with a marked drop in weights.

Even Hallcroft’s big 44-peg silverfish match failed to impress with a winning weight of just 19lb 1oz.

Leegem’s Wayne Lomas took the biggest match weight of the week during Sunday’s Open at Hallcroft, landing over 73lb of small carp from their Canal Pool.

Runner-up Steve Spurr managed a commendable 48lb, just ahead of third-placed Steve Robbins, who netted 47lb from the Reed Pool.


Sherwood Forest Fisheries: Tuesday Open, Sherwood Lake (19 pegs): 1st Andy Lakey, Worksop Angling Supplies, peg 13, 30-0, 11m pole with maggot over groundbait accounted for a haul of 66 silvers and a bonus carp of 6lb; 2nd Stan Cooper, peg 15, 26-2; 3rd Ken Ryder, peg 27, 24-15.

Wednesday Open, Holmedale Lake (17 pegs): 1st Nigel Shipman, Retford Angling Centre, peg 39, 40-6, a tight field but Nigel came out on top alternating maggot and soft pellet to hook into 14 carp to 7lb; 2nd Mick Langton, peg 9, 30-0; 3rd Pete Hodgetts, peg 32, 29-8.

Sunday Silverfish League, Holmedale Lake (24 pegs): 1st Mick Langton, peg 34, 12-2, a frosty start and a cold wet day made for appalling conditions so the going was tough with Mick edging a win using 13m pole on two lines with maggot and chopped worm; 2nd Daz Staley, Woodhouse Angling Centre, peg 32, 11-4; 3rd Rob Perkins, Matrix Dynamite, peg 17, 11-1.

Daiwa Hallcroft Fisheries: Thursday Veterans Open, Moat Pool (26 pegs): 1st Gordon Gibson, Max Tackle, peg 26, 40-12, feeder with pellet and corn was enough to scrape a win with a net of small carp; 2nd Arnie Payling, Peg One Angling, peg 29, 37-4; 3rd Ron Brooks, peg 22, 33-4.

Saturday Open, Moat Pool (15 pegs): 1st Andy Sellars, R & R Sports, peg 6, 32-10, a continuing good form fishing feeder to far bank for carp to 6lb; 2nd Paul Bagshaw, Barnsley Blacks, peg 27, 28-2; 3rd Dave Dare, peg 66, 28-2-0.

Sunday Teams of Four Silverfish League, Moat/Bridge/Croft Pools (44 pegs): 1st Steve Clark, peg B14, 19-1, bloodworm and joker over groundbait did the trick on a hard day; 2nd Brian Sullivan, peg C23, 14-1; 3rd Arnie Payling, Dynamite Baits, peg C2, 13-4-0.

Sunday Open, Canal/Reed Pools (20 pegs): 1st Wayne Lomas, Leegem, peg C14, 73-12, pole and expander pellets proved the winning method with Wayne bagging a nice net of small carp; 2nd Steve Spurr, Leegem, peg C12, 48-10; 3rd Steve Robbins, Leegem, peg R28, 47-4.


Sid’s Knock-up Series Rd 8, Springvale Lakes, Spring Lake (21 pegs): 1st Andy Hill, peg 24, 50-2, pellet feeder for small carp to 3lb; 2nd Mark Caudwell, peg 19, 42-8, pole pellet for small carp; 3rd Keith Morris, peg 16, 27-4, bomb with pellet for 7 carp; 4th Mel Kirton, peg 21, 26-0, maggot feeder. Section Winners: Chris Line, Retford Angling Centre, 19-12; Reg Turner, 16-10; Brod Perkins, 13-0 and John Massey, 12-0.


Toft Newton Reservoir: 34 rods caught 121 trout, giving a rod average of 3.56. Fry patterns on floating or intermediate lines still working well in spite of the cold weather.

Zonkers, Minkie and Humungus with a slow retrieve all doing particularly well.

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Alan Dudhill.