Childbirth on ice - the Sheffield Steelers way

Happiness is an ice hockey win and a newborn baby  - not necessarily in that order.

Sheffield Steelers' defenceman Ben O'Connor had both of those successes to cherish this week.

And he celebrated them in an unusual way.

After being picked as man of the match after the 8-2 hiding of Dundee Stars, O'Connor did the usual skate around the rink, acknowledging the fans.

These skating sessions regularly include an entertaining end.

And team-mate Robert Dowd ensured that when he suddenly laid down on the ice, legs-akimbo, and mimicked the birth of a child - O'Connor extracting a glove from Dowd's nether regions and holding it aloft with a cherish normally associated with the gift of life.

A tender moment on iceSheffield's pad

A tender moment on iceSheffield's pad

A memorable way of reflecting two positive events.

And just another day in wacky Steelerland....