Carrington takes a four fish haul in test

Carp expert Matt Carrington proudly displaying his massive 29lb 6oz common
Carp expert Matt Carrington proudly displaying his massive 29lb 6oz common
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Local specimen angler Matt Carrington wasn’t too disappointed at narrowly missing out onlanding a magic 30 after his latest capture tipped the scales at 29lb 6oz.

This was the biggest of a four-fish hall taken during a two day field testing session for Gold Baits.

September has been one of the warmest on record so we can expect some great sport over the coming weeks as the fish feed up in preparation for the winter.


Daiwa Hallcroft Fisheries: Saturday Clubman Final, Moat: 1st G Schoof, peg 16, 91-9-0. Gerry fished pole paste at 6 and 11m to beat the 48-strong field.

2nd M Fellows, peg 10, 79-3-0; 3rd S Cook, peg 5, 74-13-0.

Saturday Open, Bridge: 1st B Poole, Bag’em Baits, peg 1, 100-2-0.

Local match ace Bob Pool used his experience to make the most of a good margin peg, bagging a mixed net to take first place.

2nd D Whiting, peg 17, 98-12-0; 3rd G Gibson, peg 26, 84-0-0.

Sunday Open, Moat: 1st A Oldham, Frenzee, peg 104, 137-5-0.

Alternating between shallow pellet and worm on the bottom over hemp did the trick for Andy.

2nd A Sellars, R&R Sports, peg 11, 118-10-0; 3rd T Butt, peg 2, 110-14-0.

Monday Veterans Costcutter Open, Bridge: 1st R Holmes, peg 19, 68-6-0.

Notts AA angler Roger Holmes caught carp shallow on banded pellet.

2nd A Tait, peg 8, 55-10-0; 3rd S Cook, peg 32, 55-1-0.

Tuesday Pm Costcutter Open, Moat: 1st P Elliott, Leegem, peg 71, 188-1-0.

A convincing win for Paul Elliott, who fished a combination of worm and corn on a pellet cone rig to secure first place on Tuesday.

2nd M Hall, MAP Tuxford, peg 13, 110-4-0; 3rd J Smalley, peg 50, 106-6-0.

Thursday Veterans Open, Bridge/Croft: 1st A Berisford, Leegem, peg B16, 56-13-0.

Arthur continued his good form with a mixed net of carp and bream falling to maggot presented on short pole over groundbait.

2nd S Taylor, peg B11, 54-8-0; 3rd N Wood, Leegem, peg C19, 53-11-0.

Friday Pm Open, Moat: 1st S Pimperton, peg 80, 119-11-0.

Short pole with meat proved the winning method for Shane, who caught a mixed bag of carp and bream.

2nd A Berisford, Leegem, peg 22, 95-14-0; 3rd P Miles, peg 98, 89-6-0.

Sherwood Forest Fisheries: Tuesday Open, Sherwood Lake: 1st Wayne Woodland, peg 40, 82-4-0, pole pellet up in the water.

2nd Brian Elliott, peg 41, 65-4-0.

3rd Steve Hopkin, Woodhouse Angling, peg 54, 45-3-0.

4th Dave Round, Woodhouse Angling, peg 27, 44-5-0.

5th Jason Jones, Subfish, peg 38, 39-11-0; 6th Craig Brazier, peg 47, 38-9-0.

Wednesday Open, Holmedale Lake: 1st Daz Staley, Subfish, peg 4, 148-3-0, 13m pole pellet down the margins for carp to 8lb.

2nd Nigel Shipman, peg 36, 129-00-0.

3rd Craig Brazier, peg 32, 101-7-0.

4th Mick Langton, peg 17, 78-12-0.

CLUB Scene

Tuesday Club: The Over 50s Lodge Farm Winter League starts on 22nd October.

Members are reminded that the £20 entrance fees are to be paid by 15th October.

Contact Bill for further details on 07815 030694.

Stanley Street Sports and Social Club: Candy Corner, Oscars Lake: 1st Mick Pogson, peg 23, 53-14-0.

A marginal switch produced the bigger carp for Mick Pogson, taken on corn, to hold off Steve Pogson.

2nd Steve Pogson, peg 14, 39-8-0, pole paste in the margins.

3rd Steve (Polly) Hill, peg 13, 31-8-0, meat and corn for an all-carp net.

Abbo Lowe deserves a special mention after narrowly missing out on the cash pot even though he beat everyone around him with a 20-plus weight.

Whitwell Angling Society: Anyone interested in joining this friendly local club can write to the secretary Ian Aird at 38 Butt Hill, Whitwell, Worksop, Notts.

Grafton Angling Club: Torne Bank Fishery, North Lincs: 1st Ian Topham, 80-13-0, pole pellet.

2nd Simon Short, 73-12-0, pole paste.

3rd Peter Prendergast, 35-13-0, pole pellet and paste.

Game Scene

Toft Newton: Whether you’re a novice or seasoned trout angler, Toft is definitely worth a visit.

For more information or to book boats please call the fishery office on 01673 878453.

If you have stories, results or pictures of your bankside exploits, email Guardian angling expert or give him a call on 07815 308463.

Tight lines!

Alan Dudhill