Brown hauls in 228lb at Sherwood Forest

Gavin Liversedge
Gavin Liversedge

Match weights are really on the up, but no one could have predicted a 228lb haul at this stage of the season.

This is exactly what Martin Brown achieved during Sunday’s Open match at Sherwood Forest Fishery’s Holmedale Lake.

Pole-fished maggot with plenty of feed maggots thrown in, proved the winning method for Martin.

This was by far the biggest match weight recorded as the results came in from throughout the region.

Gavin Liversedge (pictured) also had a great day, beating a 23-strong field to win the Wednesday Open with over 83lb of Carp to 10lb.

Lodge Farm also came up with the goods after Garry Morris netted over 147lb to narrowly take victory from Keith Walters, who had to settle for second place with over 142lb of Carp.


Sherwood Forest Fisheries: Tue Open, Sherwood Lake: 1st D Hiley, peg 40, 67-4-0.

Dave fished short pole with caster for a mixed bag of Ide, Skimmers and a few bonus Carp.

2nd S Richards, Woodhouse Angling, peg 56, 44-2-0; 3rd J Holmes, Woodhouse Angling, peg 52, 43-0-0.

Wed Open, Holmedale Lake: 1st G Liversedge, Marukyu/Gateford Angling Centre, peg 32, 83-12-0.

It was a close call but Gavin managed to beat off the 23-strong field after landing two Carp over the 10lb mark to tip the scales.

2nd A Lakey, Worksop Angling Supplies, peg 39, 78-15-0; 3rd P Hodgetts, peg 36, 76-12-0.

Sun Open, Holmedale Lake: 1st M Brown, Eastwood Angling Centre, peg 45, 228-15-0.

What an incredible winning weight by Martin.

Pole maggot and plenty of feed maggots did the trick to temp Carp to 9lb.

2nd T Scholey, peg 17, 107-2-0; 3rd L Plackett, peg 36, 101-15-0.

Lodge Farm Fisheries: Tue Open, Field Pond: 1st G Brookes, peg 3, 75-0-0, pellet waggler for Carp. 2nd P Bradley, peg 17, 73-5-0; 3rd J Gunn, peg 18, 60-7-0.

Wed Over 50s, Spring league, Lily and Long Island Ponds: 1st G Morris, peg 73, 147-7-0, pole pellet for Carp and F1s; 2nd K Walters, peg 100, 142-13-0; 3rd G Brookes, peg 57, 82-14-0.

Thu Open, Signal pond: 1st D Oldham, 89-6-0, pole meat over pellet for Carp; 2nd G Brookes, peg 9, 76-1-0; 3rd P Bradley, peg 6, 75-13-0.

Sat Open, Field Pond: 1st G Turner, peg 2, 77-5-0; 2nd I Sullivan, peg 37, 44-14-0; 3rd G Brookes, peg 18, 33-11-0. .

Daiwa Hallcroft Fisheries: Tue PM Costcutter Open, Moat: 1st M Hall, MAP Tuxford, peg 21, 82-0-0; 2nd P Schoof, MAP Leegem, peg 10, 69-11-0; 3rd R Teigh, peg 110, 66-5-0.

Thu Veterans, Bridge/Croft: 1st J Simms, Leegem, peg C22, 88-15-0; 2nd A Payling, Peg One Angling, peg C24, 72-0-0; 3rd M Cordall, peg C27, 70-4-0.

Fri PM Open, Moat: 1st D Oldham, peg 38, 84-0-0; 2nd K Alcock, Map Leegem, peg 44, 77-6-0; 3rd M Hall, Map Tuxford, peg 67, 68-14-0.

Sat Open, Moat: 1st D Whiting, peg 24, 116-12-0; 2nd G Gibson, peg 15, 88-10-0; 3rd D Oldham, peg 21, 54-2-0.

Sun Leegem League Rd 5, Moat: 1st T Brown, Leegem, peg 11, 99-4-0; 2nd M Edgecombe, peg 24, 97-12-0; 3rd D Hiley, Peg One Angling, peg 14, 91-10-0.


Stanley St Social Club: Sunday Spring League, Clearwater Fisheries: 1st S Royle, peg 1, 81-0-0; 2nd J (Cod) Moore, peg 20, 41-0-0; 3rd P Scott, 37-0-0. 

The next match will be held on Sunday 20th April at Lodge Farm’s Field Pond, with the draw at 9am.

Worksop Nomads: Sunday, Lodge Farm, Top Pond: 1st M Rushton, peg 46, 66-11-0; 2nd M Allen, peg 24, 62-10-0; 3rd A Jardine, peg 26, 58-9-0.

Grafton AA: Grafton permits for the Chesterfield Canal stretch are now available from Ken Wards Sports in Worksop or from the Bailiff on the bank at £17 per year.

Match bookings can be made via the Club Secretary on either 0114 287 3110 or 07772 306040.


Toft Newton Reservoir: One-hundred and thirty-six rods caught 696 Trout for a rod average of 5.1.

Some heavy Buzzer hatches, combined with increased water temperatures provided near perfect conditions for catching Trout and they didn’t disappoint with some great catches to be had.

Some of the biggest fish fell to Buzzers or Dries.

Places are still available for Saturday’s TEFF Bank Championships to be held on Saturday, so if you’ve got a free day and want to take part, ring Jason or Andy on 01673 878453 or 07850 351695.

Future events includes the Scierra Pairs heat to be held on Sunday 27th April at Toft Newton.

This is a boat competition but bank fishing will not be affected for non-competition anglers.

Evening tickets are now available at £12, which includes a brace for the pot.

Guiding fees start from just £20 per hour.

If you have an angling story, results from a club, an event coming up or a picture of you with an impressive catch, email me at or give me a call on mobile number 07815 308463.

Tight lines!

Alan Dudhill