Brown bags the win with incredible net

Martyn Brown came out on top again at Sherwood Forrest with over 251lb of carp
Martyn Brown came out on top again at Sherwood Forrest with over 251lb of carp

Match ace Martyn Brown bagged 2 ½ ton to win Wednesday’s Open at Sherwood Forest Fisheries with an incredible net of carp to 25lb, but this wasn’t an easy win.

After a slow start Martyn had both Lee Parker and Mick Langton snapping at his heels.

Lee narrowly missed out on top spot with 247lb and Mick had to settle for third even though he hauled in over 200lb.

It’s come to something when you need over 200lb to get in the running.

It proved a productive evening at Hallcroft for Dave Dare and Mick Hall who both landed over 200lb during Friday’s evening match on the Moat.

Dave came out on top with 231lb with Mick not far behind with 210lb.

Pete Miles had to settle for third place with an equally commendable 181lb.

Steve Goddard bagged up at Sykehouse Fisheries at Goole, breaking the Stanley Street club record with over 153lb to take an easy win.


Sherwood Forest Fisheries: Tue Open, Sherwood Lake: 1st Fred Bispham, Peg One Angling, peg 41, 63-15-0, popped-up bread for 13 carp to 12lb; 2nd John Holmes, Woodhouse Angling, peg 36, 50-12-0; 3rd Lee Parker, Phil’s Bait & Tackle, peg 56, 49-10-0.

Wed Open, Holmedale Lake: 1st Martyn Brown, Eastwood Angling, peg 17, 251-5-0, after a slow start Martyn concentrated on the margins with pole paste to bag carp to 25lb; 2nd Lee Parker, Phil’s Bait & Tackle, peg 36, 247-9-0; 3rd Mick Langton, peg 21, 202-3-0.

Sun Pm Open, Holmedale Lake: 1st Mick Brentnall, peg 17, 170-5-0, 12m pole pellet up in the water and down both margins for carp to 8lb; 2nd Martyn Brown, Eastwood Angling, peg 14, 166-7-0; 3rd Tim Hayes, Gateford Angling, peg 4, 159-7-0.

Hallcroft Fisheries: Mon Vetarans, Bridge: 1st P Schoof, peg 46, 82-5-0, 13m pole paste over pellet and hemp for carp to 9lb; 2nd S Cook, peg 43, 63-13-0; 3rd J Hobson, peg 23, 60-8-0.

Tue Pm, Moat: 1st R Teigh, peg 51, 142-0-0, pole pellet and corn over pellet in margins; 2nd J Masson, Colmic, peg 66, 101-7-0; 3rd M Kilkenny, peg 75, 97-5-0.

Fri Open, Moat: 1st R Holmes, peg 54, 143-2-0, 13m pole with banded 6mm and 8mm pellet for 25 carp to 8lb; 2nd A Sellars, R & R Sports, peg 32, 138-13-0; 3rd A Berisford, Leegem, peg 98, 108-10-0.

Fri Pm, Moat: 1st D Dare, Marukyu, peg 41, 231-3-0, maggot and worm over groundbait in margins for 30 carp to 12lb; 2nd M Hall, peg 66, 210-2-0; 3rd P Miles, peg 86, 181-12-0.

Sat Open, Moat: 1st D Oldham, peg 47, 171-1-0, pole paste at 13m for carp to 12lb; 2nd G Mumby, peg 33, 163-2-0; 2nd A Sellars, Bankside Tackle, peg 63, 161-1-0; 3rd B Holmes, peg 73, 154-12-0.

Sun Open, Moat/Bridge: 1st C Owen, Parkgate Angling, peg M62, 175-1-0, shallow pole meat at 13m for 28 carp to 12lb; 2nd G Gibson, Max Tackle, peg B14, 172-3-0; 3rd D Dare, Marukyu, peg M76, 168-12-0.


Grafton AC: Dale Pit Lakes, Hatfield Woodhouse: 1st Ian Topham, 52-5-0, pole pellet; 2nd Simon Short, 47-0-0, pellet feeder; 3rd Bill Corbett, 17-0-0, pellet feeder.

A blustery day gave modest results and reduced most anglers to using feeder tactics but Ian stuck to the pole to take the win.

Tuesday Club: Hayton Lakes: 1st Billy Richardson, peg 21, 85-4-0, pole pellet for F1s; 2nd Mick Burrell, peg 38, 65-6-0, pole pellet; 3rd Dorian Lane, peg 46, 64-8-0; 4th Brod Perkins, peg 43, 63-7-0.

An excellent day all round, 20 anglers attended with the lowest weight over 30lb.

Stanley St Social Club: Sykehouse Fisheries, Goole: 1st Steve Goddard, peg 1, 153-8-0, shallow pole pellet at 11 and 13m for an all-carp net. Steve got everything right on the day to bag a commendable weight, which is a new club record; 2nd Mick Pogson, peg 24, 60-4-0, shallow pole and bonus fish from the margins; 3rd Steve Sutton, peg 29, 54-0-0.  


Toft Newton Reservoir: 74 rods caught 193 trout for an improved rod average of 2.61.

Best methods either the washing line or static dries, the fish remain high in the water.

The usual favourites of Diawl Bach, Cruncher, small Blob Boobies, Bobs Bits, Silver Invicta and Pheasant Tail are all worth a try.

Rod averages are set to rise with the cooler weather.

For any more information or to book boats please call the fishery office on 01673 878453..


Trent Access Restricted: Access to the river Trent from Ness Farm will not be available after 31st August.

Owner, Sheila Davenport has kindly given anglers access through her farm but it has now been put up for sale so access will be restricted for the time being.

New Trent boat launch set for Littleborough: Phil Heaton, Regional Organiser for the Pike Anglers’ Club has struck a deal with the EA to re-open the boat slipway at Littleborough, near Gainsborough.

This will be privately run with membership £30 per year.

This is a great opportunity for anyone who needs boat access to the Trent.

Contact Phil on 07876 032579.

If you have a story email or call 07815 308463.