Brilliant performance by Jackson Whistle: Guildford Flames 1-2 Sheffield Steelers

Action at Guildford
Action at Guildford

A gutsy performance saw Steelers win at Guildford for the first time in four attempts this season and gave hope in the dogfight for a place in the play offs.

Defensive-minded, it wasn't pretty. But it was a solid, competitive road game for Sheffield, who had lost all but one of their last six road trips.

Whistle saves at Guildford

Whistle saves at Guildford

Sheffield's penalty kill and goaltending was outstanding. The first period was the Jackson Whistle show. He blocked shots from every conceivable angle.

Steelers were in survival-mode from the off, Whistle making four saves in the first two minutes.

Guildford were using the width of their rink to shoot from all available lanes and Whistle stopped them all, including a rebound which fell to John Dunbar.

A backhand from Jordan Owens was pad-saved at the other end, but Flames had the momentum.

Davey Phillips failed to clear the puck and Ben Davies became the next to be foiled by Whistle.

After such a dogged period, Steelers carried on by finishing their checks in a delayed second session.

Chris Carrozzi then showed his mettle in the opposing net, plucking an Aaron Johnson effort out of the air. But Carozzi could do nothing when Eric Neiley shot through a busy crease at 30:19.

Flames' Calle Ackered hit both the post and the cross bar in one shift.

But Anthony DeLuca's confidence up front was illustrated when he popped in a 2-0 goal against the run of play at 37:58.

However a delayed penalty goal from Erik Lindhagen kept Paul Dixon's team in the hunt at 39;21.

That goal had come just at the wrong time for Sheffield -the last period was going to be test of character.

Steelers laid siege in a power play and their pace and energy was asking questions of the home defence.

Then it was Flames' fourth chance at the power play, peppering Whistle with shots.

Ben Davies hit the post with two minutes left.