Beacons make leading Monkeys work hard for victory

Blues Club Beacons, in their first match of the season in Gainsborough and District Table Tennis League Division One, found themselves up against a very strong Blitz Club Chunky Monkeys.

But, taking into account that the Beacons included John Clifford, who was playing his first match at this standard, and Wally Kingston, who was playing his first game since recovering from illness, they made the Chunky Monkeys work hard for their 9-1 win which keeps the Blitz club at the top of the table.

Blues Club Aces had a good 10-0 victory over stalemates Dynamics for whom it was good to see Jeff Walker returning to the game after several years.

Blitz Club Bulldogs and Aardvarks played out a close match with Bulldogs scraping a 6-4 win.

Division Two is proving a very tight affair and Blues Club Challengers had a very good 8-2 victory over clubmates Knights with Stuart Edwards and Martin Sanderson unbeaten.

Blues Club Kestrels had to settle for a disappointing draw against Blitz Dynamos.

They were 5-4 up going into the last rubber after at one time being 4-2 down, but Dynamoes’ James Longstaff pulled out all the stops to force a draw.

Blitz Eagles put on a good display to overcome Blues Knights 9-1.

The win keeps the young Eagles hot on the heels of the leaders.

Methodist Batmen gave their all in a 9-1 win over Blitz Falcons, and Willingham Wizards lost 10-0 to Blues Challengers.


Division One - Chunky Monkeys 9 (Paul Johnson 3, Chris Gamble 2, Steve Johnson 3, doubles), Beacons 1 (Dave Brumpton 1); Aces 10 (Gary Adlington 3, Rob Lamb 3, Alistair McPherson 3, doubles), Dynamics 0; Bulldogs 6 (Ryan Mitchell 1, Kurt Hutson 2, John Mackey 2, doubles), Aardvarks 4 (James Wynne 1, Clive Mitchell 3).

Division Two - Challengers 8 (Stuart Edwards 3, Dave Shelley 2, Martin Sanderson 3), Knights 2 (Trevor Howdle 1, doubles); Kestrels 5 (Brian Reed 2, Dave Mason 3), Dynamos 5 (Joe Sheehan 2, James Longstaff 1, Travis Arber 1, doubles); Eagles 9 (Josh Croft 3, Harry Tomlinson 3, Daniel Davies 3), Knights 1 (doubles); Batmen 9 (Mark Longstaff 3, Tom Lovely 3, Ken Eliot 2, doubles), Falcons 1 (Chris Whiteley 1); Wizards 0, Challengers 10 (Stuart Edwards 3, Dave Shelley 3, Martin Sanderson 3, doubles).