Bassetlaw Triathlon Club novices well prepared for Lincoln race thanks to beginners swim course

Emma Hurst of Bassetlaw Triathlon Club
Emma Hurst of Bassetlaw Triathlon Club

Bassetlaw Triathlon Club was well represented at the Lincoln Triathlon on Sunday, the second race Midlands Sprint Series race.

A wet and windy morning made for challenging conditions for three of the club’s novices; debutant mother and son duo Yannie and Matan Duveen, and second time triathlete Emma Hurst.

Both Hurst and Matan Duveen have completed the club’s ‘beginner to freestyle’ course, aimed at teaching complete beginners to swim front crawl.

Matan Duveen, who finished in 1:52:17, said: “The course helped me from the start, giving me confidence in the water and helping with my stroke technique.”

Hurst’s first race was last year’s Bassetlaw Triathlon, and after recording 1:33:42 at Lincoln, she plans to use the club’s training sessions to get her time down.

“I will definitely be taking of advantage of the BTC sessions, particularly the run/bike brick sessions, social rides and the swims” she said.

“The club are very welcoming and offer fantastic support to people starting out on their triathlon journey.”

Results: Tom Shaw 1:06:25, Matt Horsefiled 1:06:54, Steve Chambers 1:08:34, Matt Illett 1:18:33, Dan Hatfield - 1:18:36, Tom Gascoigne 1:18:50, Rob Edwards 1:31:53, Emma Hurst 1:33:42, Grace Gilham 1:42:27, Yannie Duveen 1:45:16, Nichola Broughton 1:48:59, Matan Duveen 1:52:17.