Anglers brave the cold to tip scales

Caption: Geoff Mawby with a nice winter bag from Sherwood Forest Fisheries'
Caption: Geoff Mawby with a nice winter bag from Sherwood Forest Fisheries'

Icy conditions didn’t stop play this week with many anglers continuing to brave the elements.

Silvers are still feeding but carp have shoaled up so it can sometimes come down to the luck of the draw.

Bonus carp usually being enough to tip the scales for a win.

With silvers being the main target species, maggot fished over groundbait has proved the winning combination on all waters and of course there’s a chance of tempting a few carp too.

Andy Sellars managed to drop on a shoal of carp during Hallcroft’s Open on Saturday and got enough of them feeding to build a 72lb net, which was enough to take an easy win.

Nigel Shipman got off to a slow start during Wednesday’s Open at Sherwood Forrest but managed to land a few bonus carp to 5lb to clinch a win with over 33lb.

Match Scene

Sherwood Forest Fisheries: Tue Open, Sherwood Lake (16 pegs): 1st Dave Hiley, Dynamite Baits, peg 8, 19-15-0, a tight finish but Dave pulled it out of the bag fishing 13m pole and maggot for a mixed catch of roach, ide and skimmers; 2nd Andy Lakey, Worksop Angling Supplies, peg 14, 12-2-0; 3rd Craig Brazier, peg 30, 12-2-0; 4th Paul Ashley, peg 28, 11-1-0; 5th Geoff Hiley, peg18, 11-1-0; 6th Roy Wilcoxson, Woodhouse Angling Centre, peg 26, 9-12-0.

Wed Open, Holmedale Lake (12 pegs): 1st Nigel Shipman, peg 13, 33-1-0, a slow start but Nigel put pole with maggot to good use to land roach, perch and several carp to 5lb; 2nd Geoff Mawby, Gateford Angling Centre, peg 31, 23-3-0; 3rd Mick Langton, peg 49, 11-11-0; 4th Pete Hodgetts, peg 45, 11-4-0.

Daiwa Hallcroft Fisheries: Mon Veterans Costcutter, Croft/Reed Pools (10 pegs): 1st K Pacey, peg R33, 26-6-0, pole maggot for carp; 2nd D Sellers, peg C20, 22-11-0; 3rd T Furby, Peg R31, 20-0-0; 4th N Wood, Leegem, peg C10, 17-3-0.

Thu Veterans Open, Moat Pool (19 pegs): 1st A Payling, Peg One Angling, peg 60, 33-10-0, feeder corn for carp; 2nd I Temple, peg 44, 20-0-0; 3rd S Richards, Woodhouse Angling Centre, peg 52, 19-8-0; 4th D Clegg, DJK Floats, peg 48, 19-0-0.

Sat Open Moat Pool (18 pegs): 1st A Sellars, R&R Sports, peg 64, 72-8-0, groundbait feeder with maggot for an all-carp net; 2nd J Barningham, peg 68, 40-11-0; 3rd P Miles, Kelly’s Stores, peg 40, 28-10-0; 4th D Boswell, peg 60, 25-11-0.

Sun Teams of 4 Silverfish League Rnd 6, Moat/Bridge/Croft Pools ( 52 pegs): 1st S Cameron, Kelly’s Store, peg C25, 26-12-0, pole maggot over groundbait for mainly skimmers; 2nd A Berisford, Leegem, peg 20-12-0; 3rd P Miles, Kelly’s Store, peg B6, 19-8-0; 4th I Littlewood, Northern Inn, peg B13, 16-11-0; 5th B Sullivan, peg C24, 16-0-0.

Hayton Lakes Fisheries: This newly opened complex is running a series of Tuesday open matches.

The Retford Angling Centre Open matches will be staged on the Kingfisher Lake, draw at the Reception Office at 8:45am.

Entry fees £17 with generous section and over-all winner payouts.

Contact Chris Line for further details or to reserve a place on 07747 015727

CLUB Scene

Worksop & District AA: Delegates meeting will take place on 5th February at the Manton Club ,Retford Road, Worksop; starting 7.15 pm.

Club Affiliation fees of £10 are due by this date.

Game Scene

Toft Newton Reservoir: The new trout season will start on 31st January but in the meantime, Toft are running a series of weekend ‘any method’ days for a nominal fee of £10.

Toft may be renowned for its big perch and pike but few fish for their huge specimen roach and bream so this is a good opportunity to try for them.

Full details available from their web site at

If you have a story or catch report, E-Mail me, Tel 07815 308463 or call in at Retford Angling Centre. Tight Lines! Alan.