Alan Dudhill’s Angling Column: Worksop anglers take top weights

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It’s been an eventful week all-round on the match front with Worksop anglers taking all the top weights.

Steve Goddard took the lake record at Springvale Lakes, landing 124lb of carp to take an easy win during the Stanley Street Open match.

R & R Sport’s angler Andy Sellars stole the show on Thursday, netting over a ton to win Thursday’s Veteran Open at Hallcroft. Gateford Angling’s Craig Brazier (pictured) took a stunning win on Sherwood’s Holmedale Lake with a 92lb haul.

Sherwood Forrest fisheries: Tuesday Open, Sherwood Lake (15 pegs): 1st John Urruty, Alfreton Angling, peg 26, 48-1-0, Maggot attack with waggler proved the winning method on the day for John with 23lb of ide to 2lb before the carp moved in to bulk up his weight; 2nd Brian Elliott, peg 8, 26-8-0; 3rd Ken Ryder, peg 18, 24-4-0; 4th Lee Parker, Phil’s Bait & Tackle, peg 12, 23-3-0; 5th John Holmes, Woodhouse Angling Centre, peg 14, 22-8-0; 6th Dave Round, Woodhouse Angling Centre, peg 15, 21-3-0.

Wednesday Open, Holmedale Lake (19 pegs): 1st Craig Brazier, Gateford Angling Supplies, peg 32, 92-9-0, pole pellet and meat, alternating distance and short range lines to net 23 carp to 7lb; 2nd Sean Storey, Gateford Angling Supplies, peg 19, 84-7-0; 3rd Mick Langton, peg 42, 60-0-0; 4th Pete Hodgetts, peg 27, 59-8-0; 5th Nigel Shipman, Retford Angling Supplies, peg 14, 56-4-0; 6th Geoff Mawby, Gateford Angling Supplies, peg 17, 52-8-0.

Sunday Open, Holmedale Lake (22 pegs): 1st Mick Langton, Sherwood Forest Fishery, peg 14, 92-14-0, a close match but Mick took the win fishing pole with pellet at 7m on two lines to land 24 carp to 8lb; 2nd Nigel Shipman, Retford Angling Centre, peg 32, 92-9-0; 3rd Gary Hazelwood, peg 34, 82-2-0; 4th Phil Shaw, Alfreton Angling Centre, peg 19, 69-7-0; 5th Ian Rowney, peg 4, 60-7-0; 6th Mark Bower, peg 39, 54-7-0.

Daiwa Hallcroft Fisheries: Monday Veterans Open, Bridge Pool (15 pegs): 1st C Yves, peg 14, 36-15-0, a good win for Chuck who opted for using pva bags with micros and 4mm pellets to temp carp to 8lb; 2nd T Brown, Leegem, peg 11, 29-11-0; 3rd N Wood, peg 38, 26-12-0; 4th C Line, Retford Angling Centre, peg 44, 25-8-0; 5th K Hatfield, peg 47, 22-0-0.

Thursday Veterans Open, Moat Pool (37 pegs): 1st A Sellars, R & R Sports, peg 56, 101-13-0, a very convincing win by Andy, who fished waggler with pellet for 11 carp and a few silvers; 2nd D Clegg, DJK Tackle, peg 70, 53-12-0; 3rd D Farr, peg 64, 29-10-0; 4th S Twigg, Leegem, peg 19, 28-0-0; 5th T Sears, peg 40, 27-15-0.

Saturday Open, Moat Pool (17 pegs): 1st W Lomas, Leegem, peg 20, 78-6-0, a good effort from Wayne from this non-descript peg, fishing 10m pole with pellet and corn for carp to 8lb; 2nd D Boswell, peg 41, 55-14-00; 3rd B Holmes, Dynamite Baits, peg 56, 40-12-0; 4th A Whitehouse, peg 30, 35-10-0; 5th C Greenside, Matrix, peg 46, 28-10-0.

Sunday Teams of 4 Silverfish League Rnd 2, Moat/Bridge/Croft Pools (44 pegs): 1st G Tomlinson, peg M40, 33-6-0, a close battle with Gavin opting for using casters over groundbait to attract a winning net of bream and mixed silvers; 2nd L Sears, peg M43, 32-0-0; 3rd B Sullivan, peg C27, 28-10-0; 4th S Clark, peg C6, 26-11-00; 5th A Sellars, peg C4, 24-10-00.

Sunday Open, Reed Pool (14 pegs): 1st S Note, peg 28, 61-1-0, Steve fished pole with pellet to land carp to 3lb; 2nd S Twigg, peg 13, 54-0-0; 3rd D Robbins, peg 45, 48-0-0; 4th M Brumby, peg 31, 44-14-0.


Stanley Street Social Club: Springvale Lakes Milton: 1st Steve Goddard, peg 10, 124-0-0 (NEW LAKE RECORD), fishing block-end feeder with maggot for carp from 3-8lb; 2nd Mick Pogson, peg 16, 63-0-0, changing from pole to pellet feeder close in to land an all-carp bag; 3rd Mel Kirton, peg 24, 59-0-0, pellet feeder; 4th Steve Royle, peg 11, feeder tactics for a mixed net

The next event will be on Sunday 13th December, Springvale Lakes, Milton. 

Shireoaks Station Hotel AC: Winter League, Mill Dam: 1st Tommy Davy, peg 12, 49-7-0, pole pellet; 2nd Alan Sargeson, peg 10, 46-5-0, pole pellet; 3rd Shaun Batty, peg 5, 44-2-0, pole maggot; 4th Mick Swift, peg 43, 43-0-0, pole maggot.

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