A top 10, a crash and a blown engine for Hipwell in British Supersport at Snetterton

Dean Hipwell at Snetterton (Pic: Roy Cross)
Dean Hipwell at Snetterton (Pic: Roy Cross)

A frustrating weekend at Snetterton left Harworth race ace Dean Hipwell with a hard fought 10th place, a crash and a blown engine.

The fourth round of the British Supersport began with suspension issues for Hipwell, although he qualified in 11th place for Saturday’s sprint race

The CDH Racing team were worried that with the set-up of the Triumph, Hipwell would struggle to finish the race as his rear tyre would not last the distance. And after some changes, Hipwell got off to a good start making up three places on the first lap to put him into eighth place at the end of the third lap.

He ran wide on a corner due to his set-up issues and lost two places, but made them up again when both Sam Hornsey and Jake Dixon crashed out.

Hipwell was still drifting wide on the corners and this was his downfall as when he went into Agostini’s corner on the eighth lap he allowed the Yamaha of

Marshall Neill and Joe Collier’s Triumph to dive underneath him, pushing him back into 10th spot where he ended the race.

His fastest lap would see him start again from 11th on the grid for Sunday afternoon’s feature race.

The CDH Racing Team struggled to find the problem with the front suspension and borrowed a set of front forks for the following day’s warm up session and race.

In Sunday morning’s warm up session Hipwell appeared to be going well until on his third lap as he went into The Bomb Hole the front end went away from him and rider and machine skidded onto the grass.

Hipwell was uninjured but the CDH Triumph suffered substantial damage to the fairing and right hand handlebar which had snapped off.

A lot of work was required of the team to get the Triumph ready and approved for the afternoon’s race.

Working hard they achieved this and looked forward to better luck than in the previous day’s race.

Their optimism was however short lived as on the sighting lap the engine blew up bringing the team’s weekend to an abrupt halt.

The only consolation was that Hipwell lapped the Snetterton circuit quicker than ever before.

Championship contenders Luke Stapleford and Kyle Ryde battled it out between them throughout Saturday’s sprint race, Stapleford taking the win by a narrow margin.

Sunday’s feature race saw the same two riders battle, before Stapleford crashed out, taking Ryde with him and allowing Glenn Irwin to ride through for his first win of the season.