Martial artists make the grade at Lynx Academy

Students at Lynx Black Belt Leadership Academy have been rewarded for their martial arts progress, with new gradings.

Monday, 13th January 2014, 2:12 pm
Lynx Black Belt Academy

Beginners with white belts and those working their way towards prestigious black belts have all been training under the watchful eye of instructor Master Andrew Blinston.

Orange stripes were earned by white belts Mollie Skelton-Bond, Donna Barker, Ella Grace Barker, Dean Dowie, Colm Humpherys, Georgia Owen and Kimberley Godfrey.

A group of the Retford-based academy’s students were given their purple stripe, including Paige Moore, Connor Smith, Max Denovan, Tamara Childs, Sam Yates, Sophie Yates, Andrew Marsh, Ben Marsh, Grace Dawson and Sophie Dawson.

The yellow stripe went to James Rouse, Ella Rouse, Ria Tyson, Ethan Shinfield, Oliver Stokes, Paul Scott, Kian Scott, Lyla-Grace Creamer, Taylor Dexter and Clayton Dexter.

Ben Fosher, Morgan Gibbs, Ionia Mitchell and Robin Martin were all successful in passing their yellow belt grading, while Christopher Yallop, Bart Hoga, James Oakes, Paul Oakes and Elliot Spittlehouse all earned green stripes.

There were two green belts handed out, Jesse Robinson and Shelley Harding receiving them, and James Leyland was presented with his blue stripe.

One student, Hermione Smith, won her blue belt, with Katie Burgoyne, Kristian Macioszek, Chloe Fogg, Nathan Sanderson and Noah Gibbs achieving red stripes.

Sally-Ann Sanderson is now a red belt, while Daniel Pratt was awarded with his black stripe.

Tony and David Cockroft along with Steve Sanderson are mid term red belts.

At black belt level, seven students are midterm, including Simon Goy, Stuart Davis, Harvey Elliott, Hannah Downs, Rhio Blinston and Millicent Morgan.

Three Thai Chi students, Jackie Cook, David Burkon and Callum Stewart, were also rewarded for their achievements,

An academy spokesman said: “The academy are extremely proud of all their students who have achieved their respective belts and stripes.”