London Marathon blog: 2 months, 11 days to go

WEATHER has been my biggest challenge this week but thanks to the good folk at Worksop Leisure Centre I’ve managed to keep up the training.

Saturday, 11th February 2012, 3:17 pm

A whopping three gym visits and a swim this week has hopefully meant my fitness will have improved, unlike the state of the pavements.

I’ve chickened out of running through fear of injury, and with just 10 weeks to go this Sunday, I have also become phobic of getting a cold.

In fact I am tempted to carry round a large cross to wield at anyone who comes near me looking like they might sneeze.

The weather doesn’t seem to have put off the gym bunnies in Worksop though. Every time I have been there are lycra clad men and woman, of all ages, none of which look like they need to be in a gym.

I guess that shows whatever they are doing is working.

The treadmill feels like harder work than being out and about but I am sure that’s just because I spend too much time looking at the clock.

To keep my interest levels up I’ve been coupling the running with a go on a few of the other machines, trying a bit of rowing, cross training and going on a rather undignified cardio machine that if you don’t go fast enough leaves you sunk to the floor with your legs akimbo.

This weekend I’m going to attempt a run outdoors again, provided we don’t get more snow.

Last week I was out and about in Ollerton wearing two hats, two long sleeved tops, two pairs of trousers, and gloves. Squeeze all that running gear into a windproof high vis jacket and I must have looked like a radio-active version of Ghostbusters Marshmallow Man, but I didn’t let a little thing like my vanity stop me.

That is the one flaw of running on the treadmill, you have to watch yourself deteriorating in the mirror.

At least when I am on the roads I can kid myself I look like some sort of athlete.

A few generous sponsors in the last week have really kept me going and I am now 33% of the way towards my fundraising target, but a few more would of course be welcome.

Edwinstowe’s Launay’s have thrown their weight behind the fundraising and generously agreed to a charity night on Friday 2nd March. Just £20 will get you three delicious courses and £5 will go towards Wessex Cancer Trust.

Local covers band The Rides will also be providing the entertainment.

Call 01623 822266 to book your place, seats are filling up fast.

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