London marathon blog: 1 month 25 days to go

MY knee high boots barely do up now. Is this normal? I am quite sure it is not.

None of the air-brushed beauties on the front of Runner’s World have big chunky man calves.

Will they ever go down? Who knows? I will keep you posted.

The revelation that I am developing muscles has actually focused my mind on what I am putting in my body a bit this week.

I’ve already gleaned that long runs without Lucozade are a nightmare, and that pasta the night before, and no booze, are a must for me.

But what about the rest of the time?

After the office pancakes on Tuesday conversation shifted to what staff are giving up for Lent. Well obviously I’m not ditching carbohydrates like some of the (mad) office Dukaners.

And ditching chocolate and crisps seems a bit miserable when I am doing all this exercise and these foods make me so happy.

But I have had the revelation that I can cut back on these needless naughty treats without going crazy and ruling them out all together.

So until marathon time at least, I shall no longer pay any visits to the office vending machine, which along with our chief reporter, is my deputy in a time of crisis.

In other news training this week has gone well. I conquered 16.2 miles last weekend leaving me ‘just’ the final 10 to get through.

I was exhausted by the end of it and a few hills got the better of me, but I had a smile on my face and really enjoyed the Chinese I went out for that evening.

I’ve also upped my shorter runs in distance which I hope will help and added in a hill session this week, since I seem to really struggle with them. Long steady hills I am fine with, but short sharp ones I find tough.

In other marathon related news I’ve reached the halfway mark on my fundraising and topped £700. Whoop whoop!

Help is also coming in from West Yorkshire Police who have filled one charity tins thanks to my brother-in-law, and Annette (who I haven’t even met) is making and selling cakes on my behalf.

Kind customers at Nandos in the Trafford Centre have also filled a tin for me, and Retford Athletics Club have given me a place in their half on Sunday 11th March.

Retford Half will be my long run that week, and a welcome change of scene.

If you’d like to learn more about why on earth I am running this race, then click here: .

And if you’d like to sponsor me while you are there then even better!