Location is the key to success with Perch

This week we continue our in-depth look at Perch, and more importantly – how to catch them.

By The Newsroom
Sunday, 12th January 2014, 7:40 am
Dan Ellis with his catch
Dan Ellis with his catch

Large specimens predominantly eat smaller fish so using livebaits and artificial lures is a good way to sift out the smaller Perch.

There are many types of lures to choose from including jellies, shads, plugs, spoons and spinners.

Traditional spinners such as the Mepps are available in smaller sizes and varying weights, making them ideal for all water types.

When fishing large waters and reservoirs, location is the key to success.

To narrow down the search, target structures such as pumping towers, pipelines and deeper channels.

However, don’t ignore the shallower margins.

Fry will often shoal-up in large numbers in the margins even in the winter.

There is no hiding place from a hungry Perch.

You will often see them striking at prey within inches of the bank.

Use larger, heavier spinners to get them down quickly, thoroughly covering each area and at all depths.

Perch shoal together and hunt in large packs so find one, and others won’t be far away.

When fishing for Perch, you will inevitably catch Pike too so you need to use a wire trace to prevent bite-offs.

Local specimen ace, Dan Ellis put lure methods to good use and certainly earned his stripes at Toft Newton Reservoir this week.

Dan braved the elements to go afloat to target Toft’s giant Perch.

Mepps spinner proved deadly on the day with numerous large Perch being landed, along with a few surprise Rainbows.

The winter offers some great predatory sport.

Now is the time to target the huge Perch, Pike and Zander contained in our local waters.


Craig Brazier managed to beat off a 19-strong field during Sunday’s Open at Sherwood Forrest Fishery with an amazing winter weight of over 91lb.

This was also the region’s top match weight of the week.

Pete Bagshaw brought in the New Year with an easy win during Hallcroft’s New Year’s Eve Open, netting 83lb of Carp to beat runner up, Ian Jowel by over 38lb.

Sherwood Forest Fisheries: Wed Open, Holmedale: 1st S Skelton, Middy, peg 54, 58-3-0; 2nd S Binch, peg 26, 44-8-0; 3rd M Langton, Sherwood FF, peg 42, 40-12-0.

Sun Open, Holmedale: 1st C Brazier, Sherwood FF, peg 54, 91-4-0; 2nd D Turton, Sheffield Roofers, peg 27, 69-15-0; 3rd S Skelton, Middy, peg 39, 65-11-0.

Daiwa Hallcroft: Mon Veterans Costcutter, Moat: 1st N Wood, MAP Leegem, peg 64, 45-5-0; 2nd R Holmes, peg 61, 30-8-0; 3rd D Dare, Marukyu, peg 57, 26-15-0.

Tue New Year’s Eve Carp/Silverfish Open, Moat: 1st P Bagshaw, Team Frenzee, peg 6, 83-7-0; 2nd I Jowell, MAP Leegem, peg 64, 45-2-0; 3rd S Gray, peg 48, 13-12-0.

Thu Veterans Winter League, Moat: 1st T Brown, MAP Leegem, peg 64, 48-5-0; 2nd L Hewison, MAP Leegem, peg 58, 42-6-0; 3rd S Twigg, MAP Leegem, peg 73, 37-2-0.

Sat Carp/Silverfish Open, Moat: 1st C Line, Retford Angling Centre, peg 48, 59-1-0; 2nd G Gibson, peg 44, 52-8-0; 3rd S Robbins, MAP Leegem, peg 73, 48-4-0.

Sun Open, Moat /Bridge: 1st N Vernon, peg M49, 49-6-0; 2nd N Wood, MAP Leegem, peg B53, 44-10-0; 3rd W Lomas, MAP Leegem, peg B13, 33-12-0.

Lodge Farm Fisheries: Lodge Farm fisheries: Tue Open, Signal/Field: 1st G Hazelwood, peg F14, 53-2-0; 2nd M Brumpton, peg S20, 52-11-0; 3rd M Whitham, peg S5, 43-5-0.

Thu Open, Lily/Long Island: 1st T Picksleys, peg 92, 47-2-0; 2nd G Turner, peg 69, 38-13-0; 3rd A Farrar, peg 67, 38-4-0.

Sat Open, Signal/Field: 1st D Whittington, peg F14, 46-3-0; 2nd M Whitham, peg F34, 46-3-0; 3rd C Wake, peg S15, 28-12-0.

Sun Worksop Nomads, Long Island: 1st M Rushton, peg 88, 83-2-0; 2nd A Wherham, peg 91, 58-4-0; 3rd K Morris, peg 86, 21-1-0.

Club News

British Gas Angling Club are to hold an Extraordinary General Meeting on 23rd January at Manton Club.

The meeting starts at 7:30pm, full attendance from members would be greatly appreciated.

If you have an angling story or a picture of you with your catch, email me at [email protected] or call me on 07815 308463.

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