Local sides triumph in openers

ON an almost entirely washed out opening day of the Bassetlaw Cricket League season, Firbeck and Whitwell both got off to perfect starts.

In Division One Whitwell had the Everton groundstaff to thank for managing to prepare a wicket that allowed the Worksop side to win by 23 runs and take 20 points.

Their total of 136 for 9, although a little light, proved to be enough – thanks in chief to Dan Sayles’ 34 runs.

Everton were dismissed for 113, Andrew Shaw taking 4 for 24.

Division Two’s Firbeck took the full 20 points as they made 144 for 8 and then skittled Grassmoor for just 48.

With the bat, Bryn Smith starred scoring 47 runs.

Nathan Parry was the main man with the ball, taking 6 for 23, aided by Chris Tindle who took 3 for 9.


Whitwell (v Clumber Park, home, meet 1pm, start 2pm) A. Shaw, D. Westerby, A. Hall, M. Dyer, T. Chester, A. Smalley, A. Draycott, C. Foster, D. Sayles, L. Robinson, A. Heath.

Whitwell II (v Clumber II, away, leave 12.45pm, start 2pm) I. Whiting, D. Wheatley, D. Jessop, D. Forrest, M. Forrest, B. Pritchard, J. Crowch, P. Gabbitass, L. Rawson, A. Palmer, K. Gee.

Firbeck (v Thoresby Park, away, 12.15pm) S. Robson, K. Mckeeman, A. Dutton, A. Walker, S. Barson, B. Smith, C. Tindle, N. Parry, L. Parry, T. Barker, T. Mckeeman, C. Parry.

Firbeck (Sunday, away, meet 12pm) A. Dutton, C. Tindle, C. Parry, M. Alder, J. Baines, E. Wallhead, A. Needham, L. Rose, C. Parry, J. Pickering, T. Smith, A. Brooks.

Worksop (v Cuckney, home, meet Central Avenue 11.30am) L. Ambrose, C. Taylor, M. Smallwood, G. Purshouse, C. Smith, W. Spooner, L. Morris, M. Ambrose, G. Pym, K. Walters, D. Hancocks.

Worksop II (v Kiveton Park II, away, meet Central Avenue 12.30pm) T. Smith, J. Morris, A. Kendall, R. Snowdon, B. Swales, D. Bell, B. Roe, A. Millington, D. Ball, D. Randall, H. Taylor.

Worksop III (v Clumber Park III, home, meet Central Avenue 12.45pm or 1pm at Costhorpe) K. Plowman, G. Bailey, R. Black, O. Titterington, R. Wickes, S. Ambrose, Jake Smith, U. Ankalkhope, R. Martin, J. Baines, T. Billam.

Clumber Park (v Whitwell, away, meet ground 1pm) M. Dean C. Ward, G. Beard, D. Beard, A. Bellamy, W. Rhodes, Jack Palfreyman, S. Bird, M. Cox, M. Wheatley, C. Brammall. Scorer H. Bird.

Clumber Park II (v Whitwell II, home, meet ground 12.45pm) D. Taylor, A. Smith, J. Delaney, O. Williams, H. Tomlinson, O. Morris, C. Rutherford, S. Dean, M. Woolford, P. Hampson, S. Grudgens. Scorer D. Williams.

Clumber Park III (v Worksop III, meet Costhorpe 1pm) O. Jervis, L. Cairns, P. Dewhirst, I. Stallworthy, R. Osbourne, T. Rix, C. Deaves, M. Horsefield, M. Lyon, A. Jervis, R. Jessop. Scorer: TBC.

Clumber Park IV (v Blyth II, home, meet ground 1pm) Jon Palfreyman, D. Baker, M. Baker, R. C. Wilde, C. Shelton, A. Bird, D. Blackledge, A. Menhausen, David Ward, N. Tilley, L. Burkinshaw Scorer A. Tomlinson.

Clumber Park Newark Alliance (v Radcliffe Upon Trent, home, meet ground 1pm) O. Williams, G. Beard, D. Beard, W. Rhodes, C. Rix, Jack Palfreyman, S. Bird, M. Wheatley, O. Morris, C. Rutherford, W. Walker.

Clumber Park Cleavers (v Chesterfield Barbarians, home, meet ground 1pm) A.E. Mingham, D. Taylor, M. Deaves, M. Beard, T. Carr, E. Tilley, N. Tilley, S. Grudgens, A. Bird, B. Deiso, A. Tomlinson. 12th Man V. Richards.

Blyth (v Thoresby Park, home, meet 1.30pm) R. Garland, R. Watts, D. Williams, P. Dawson, A. Toft, A. Brealey, R. Baker, S. Baker, M. Osborne, T. Flint, G. Cooper.

Blyth II (v Clumber Park, away, meet 12.30pm at the Lock Keeper) T. McLaughlin, R. Baker, M. Osborne, Satinder, J. Tarr, L. Penrose, L. Mclaughlin, W. Stocks, M. Baker.



Anston v Harthill, Farnsfield v Retford, Marshalls v Glapwell, North Wheatley w/ Leverton v Kiveton Park, Thoresby Colliery v Notts & Arnold Am, WI Cavaliers II v Ordsall Bridon.

Division One

Caythorpe II v Everton, Clipstone v Edwinstowe, Cuckney II v Blidworth, Killamarsh v Wiseton, Welbeck Col II v Mansfield & Pleasley, Whitwell v Clumber Park.

Division Two

Glapwell II v Mansfield HM II, Grassmoor v Thoresby Col II, Milton v Anston II, Ordsall Bridon II v Lea Park, Papp & Linby II v Farnsfield II, Throesby Park v Firbeck.

Division Three

Edwinstowe II v Sherwood, Kiveton Park II v Worksop II, Mansfield & Pleasley II v Waleswood, Notts & Arn Am II v Clay Cross Works, Retford II v Welbeck Col III, Teversal v Killamarsh II.

Division Four

Basford Mill v Bawtry, Blidworth II v Wadworth, Clumber Park II v Whitwell II, Everton II v Notts & Arn Am III, Nomads v Rose Leisure, Woodsetts v Marshalls II.

Division Five

Anston III v Milton II, Bilsthorpe v Mansfield & Pleasley III, East Drayton v North Wheatley with Leverton II, Mansfield HM III v Teversal II, Misterton v Grassmoor II, Papp & Linby III v Cuckney III.

Division Six

Bawtry II v Edwinstowe III, Blyth v Thoresby Park II, Farnsfield III v Todwick, Harthill II v Woodsetts II, Weston v Thurcroft, Wiseton II v Rockware.

Division Seven

Killamarsh III v Glapwell III, Notts & Arn Am IV v South Normanton, Sherwood II v Basford Mill II, Waleswood II v Welbeck Col IV, Worksop III v Clumber Park III.

Division Eight

Clumber Park IV v Blyth II, Milton III v Anston IV, Woodsetts III v Mansfield HM IV.