It’s another week of high scores in darts league as Cook and Jukes hit maximums

Only nine games last week in the Grafters Brewery Individual Darts League but again some tremendous darts with 86 scores of 80/99, 100 scores of 100-plus and two maximum 180s, one from league leader Dave Cook and one from Jim Jukes who has moved into second place, 29 points behind Dave but with six games in hand.

By The Newsroom
Sunday, 4th March 2012, 9:22 am

Dave had a convincing 5-0 win against Mark Taylor and Jim had two 3-2 victories and a 4-1 against Lee Taylor, Graham Page and Tom Lovely, respectively, Lee hitting his two highest finishes of the season 96 and 123.

Mark Taylor started the evening with a fine 4-1 win against Tom Lovely and followed that with a great display when losing 3-2 to Ben Stanley.

Tom Lovely made amends for his two defeats with a fine comeback 3-2 win against Bob Clarke, while Phil Troop had a great night with a 4-1 win against a luckless Graham Page followed by a 5-0 win against Mark Taylor.

There are now only 25 more league games with some players having completed their league programme so the Individual Knock-out will be drawn this week in the hope that all players will be able to play at least one game.

Results from 21st February: Tom Lovely 1, Mark Taylor 4; Graham Page 1, Phil Troop 4; Ben Stanley 3, Mark Taylor 2; Tom Lovely 3, Bob Clarke 2; Phil Troop 5, Mark Taylor 0; Dave Cook 5, Mark Taylor 0; Jim Jukes 3, Lee Taylor 2; Jim Jukes 4, Tom Lovely 1; Jim Jukes 3, Graham Page 2.

THE latest Gainsborough Trinity weekly letter draw produced three winners who each won £65 of the £195 payout when the letters V, I and S were drawn last Thursday night. The snowball letter was B and that prize now stands at £25.