Ian’s team leading the Evening Pairs

Ian Hatton’s M7 team lead the Monday Evening Pairs at West Lindsey Indoor Bowls Club, after three impressive wins – including a 23-6 victory over newcomer Lynn Palmer and John Gilleard (M4).

By The Newsroom
Sunday, 17th November 2013, 8:11 am

Julian Cowan and Eric Dobbie (M3) are also unbeaten after three games .

They convincingly beat John Hunt and Peter Taylor (M1) 19-10 but then made hard work of beating newcomer Lionel Jowitt’s M8 16-14.

Jean Scrafield and Gordon Tucker (M5) are second after four games.

They have found form and won their last two games impressively.

They beat Lionel Jowitt’s M8 team 30-7 and Lynn Palmer and John Gilleard (M4) 33-4.

Bob and Wendy Baines (M6 ) had a crucial 19-18 win over Ray Robinson and Tom Whiteley ( M2) to keep in touch but Ray and Tom now have a hard slog to retain their championship title.

The remaining three teams have all lost three matches and are fighting their own private contest.

John Hunt’s M1 lost 25-10 to Ray Robinson and Tom Whiteley (M2).

The two new teams are finding this league tough so far.

The Tuesday Australian Pairs has a reduced look about it as Rosemary Woollard’s team withdrew.

Some teams appear to have played fewer matches but have been unfortunate in having a good win stripped from their results.

Ian Hatton’s T6 are now clear leaders after winning two out of three.

They easily beat Pip Pearson’s T1 team 20-6 and Geoff Gray’s T5 team 15-13 but lost 13-1 to Susan Mawer and Eric Dobbie (T9) .

Michael Proudley and Merv Johnson ( T10) are in what looks to be a temporary second place.

They beat Tim Kempton’s T7 18-11 but then only drew 10-10 with Brenda Allen’s T3 team.

Likely to overtake T10 are Keith Woffinden and Jean Scrafield (T8) who beat Brenda Allen’s team 24-6.

Geoff Gray’s team T5 and Pip Pearson’s T1 have won more than they have lost but Pip’s team have only played three.

Susan Mawer and Eric Dobbie (T9) also had a good win removed.