Huntcliff students in global marathon

Students from Huntcliff School in Kirton-in-Lindsey put their best foot forward in a world record attempt.

The year eight pupils took part in the World Marathon Challenge, a global event organised by Save The Children to highlight the plight of hungry children throughout the world.

The students joined more than 20,000 peers from Canada, Kenya and New Zealand, as teams of 11 to 13-year-olds raced over the full marathon distance.

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The aim was to beat the world record currently held by Patrick Makau of two hours three minutes and 38 seconds.

As well as running against teams from around the world, the students from Huntcliff also raced against each other in an inter-house competition.

Each student took a turn at running 200 meters until their team had completed a full marathon.

Although the students didn’t manage to crack the world record, three of the teams did place within the top 20, with the fourth placing in the top 50, an impressive and worthy achievement in difficult conditions.