Greg on the move

A COUPLE of weeks ago we were contacted by our old friend Greg Forester at Worksop Angling Supplies who informed us that the tackle shop has moved to a much larger premises, 50 yards up the road.

Sunday, 9th December 2012, 2:37 pm

The business is celebrating its silver jubilee this year and has been, in one form or another, situated on Retford Road for all of those 25 years - and has now in fact returned to near the site of the original shop.

With the added space Greg has split the shop into two separate specialists disciplines, covering both coarse and carp angling and is continuing to supply frozen sea baits and pike dead baits.

We wish Greg and his team all the best for the next 25 years.

The predator scene has been fairly quiet this last week on Sandhill Lake, but we do have some unconfirmed reports of decent catches in Shireoaks basin on the Chesterfield Canal, and the Torksey arm on dead baits.

If you have been fishing either of these venues with any degree of sucsess please contact us with your reports, preferably with a photo.

On the coastal front, after the recent Northerlies the top end of the Holderness coast is showing quality bags of whiting and sporadic catches of cod pushing double figures, with peeler crab and gully lug appearing to take the better specimens.

Further down towards spurn the sport is bound to improve now the recent massive amounts of fresh water from the Humber is dissipating.

For more up to the minute information you can contact Roger on the above number.


STARTING at Lakeside, winter methods are dominating the matches.

Wednesday’s Lakeside open: 1st Glen Greasley peg 10 39lb 6oz pole fished caster; 2nd Garry Holland peg 4 35lb 11oz pole and caster.

Saturday’s team of four first round: 1st Ben Homes peg 27 27lb 11oz pole fished pinkie; 2nd Garry Brook peg 12 26lb 11oz.

Sunday, Woodseats Tackle:1st Mark Homes peg 32 27lb 14oz; 2nd Mark White peg 26 21lb 1oz.

On the Carp lake although things are slower of late Adam Rose still managed to slip his net under four specimens from peg six with the best a common of 23lb 8oz.

On the trout lake Worksop rod Ian Wilkinson took 11 rainbows to 6lb tempted on orange fritz cast on a sinking line.

Down the road at Lodge Farm, Tuesday’s open was competed on the field pond: 1st Simon Drayton 55lb 14oz peg 3 pellet waggler; 2nd Andy Lakey 49lb 15oz peg 1 pellet waggler; 3rd Steve Nemass 49lb 4oz peg 4 pellet feeder.

Wednesday’s over 50s vetereans match took place on the signal pond: 1st John Gunn 54lb 1oz peg 6 pellet waggler; 2nd Len Squires 45lb 14oz peg 4 method feeder; 3rd Brian Chatterton 37lb 12oz peg 8 bomb fished meat.

Thrusday’s match was fished on the Long Island: 1st John Gunn 133lb 7oz peg8 waggler fished meat; 2nd Andy Favell 109lb 7oz peg 86 wag and mag; 3rd Dave Evans 82lb 4oz peg 91 pole fished corn.

Saturday’s open was fished over the Lily Pond and Long Island: 1st Steve Nemass 43lb 13oz peg 71 banjo feeder and meat; 2nd John Gunn 32lb 3oz peg 98; 3rd Dean Richards 24lb 3oz peg 52.