Gold for Jordan in Jack Doncaster event

GAINSBOROUGH Aegir Cycling Club’s Jordan Skelly struck gold in The Jack Doncaster Falling Leaves Trophy 15-mile race on 16th September on route GA15/1.

The event was won by Jordan and in doing so he took the gold medal, Julian Hesp was second and won the silver medal, while Trevor Halstead finished third to take the bronze medal.

The fastest rider was Jack Doncaster’s son-in-law Neil Winter.

Starting on Laughton Lane, the riders proceeded towards Laughton, heading through Laughton Forest to Susworth then following the riverside road through East Ferry and Wildsworth to East Stockwith. It was then on to Laughton Lane for the finish.

A strong south-west wind made the ride along the riverside extremely hard.

Results were:

1, Jordan Skelly 41 minutes 34 seconds; 2, Julan Hesp 42-35; 3, Trevor Halstead 48-28.

Private trials (non-club members): 1, Neil Winter (Lincoln Wheelers) 39-04; 2, Ian Ferraby (Trent Valley RC) 43-04; 3, Steve Brown (Scunthorpe Wheelers) 52-56.

The race was the last event of the main racing season, with only the Hill Climb and Christmas 9 to come.

All the racing competitiors would like to say a big thank you to timekeepers Paul Reynolds and Daniel Nicholson and marshals Dave Day and Mark Clark.

Sunday’s leisure ride was a figure of eight ride comprising of a morning ride of 23 miles and an afternoon ride of 20 miles.

There was a lunch stop at The Streat Café on Trinity Street in Gainsborough.

The morning ride was enjoyed by Daniel Nicholson, Colin Smith, Dave Backhouse, Pete Hanks and Dave Walker.

They departed from Roseway and headed out of town riding through Heapham, Springthorpe, Corringham, Pilham, Blyton and Laughton.

Arriving at Laughton Lane, they watched the Jack Doncaster Falling Leaves Trophy race finish, after which Trevor Halstead joined the group as they cycled through Morton and back into Gainsborough.

In the afternoon Trevor Halstead, Daniel Nicholson and Dave Backhouse cycled into Nottinghamshire, enjoying a ride through Beckingham, Walkeringham, West Stockwith and Misterton.

The riders climbed Wooden Hill and took in the splendid view before heading home through Walkeringham and Beckingham and returning to Gainsborough along the riverside cycle route.

On Sunday 23rd September there is a leisure ride to Blyton via Laughton Woods - meet Roseway, Gainsborough, 10am. This short ride is suitable for families and beginners.

For information contact Trevor Halstead at Church Street Cycles, 102-104 Church Street, Gainsborough, or telephone 01427 617752.

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