A SELL out crowd will witness Kerry Louise Norbury’s long awaited return to the ring, as she looks to land an eighth world title.

The Anston kickboxing star takes on Italian champion Annalisa Bucci in a K1 style fight on 23rd June in County Durham, after an 18 month injury layoff.

Dinnington Falcon Fight Academy instructor Norbury heads to Lanzarote for a two-week preparation training camp before the bout, which will be followed in August by another world title fight.

But she’s not looking past Bucci, who has fought 44 times in Muay Thai, mixed martial arts, kickboxing and K1 rules.

Norbury told the Guardian: “I know of Bucci’s fighting career and background, and I have watched her fight on numerous occasions.”

“I am fully aware of how good she is, however I believe my training and preparation have taken me to such a level that I am prepared for absolutely anything she brings to the ring.”

The world title fight will be hosted by the North East Kickboxing Academy, in the home down of her training partner Wesley Fagan who will also be in action.

Fagan takes on another Italian, Davide Guarino, in a seven round full contact fight.

Norbury’s bout will be contested over five three-minute rounds, with the use of all kickboxing techniques – including low kicking, knees, clinchwork.

Master Cris Janson Piers believes his student is working harder than ever in preparation.

He said: “I have trained and coached Kerry Louise for 24 years.”

“During this time she has always been dedicated and trained to such a high standard in preparation for her fights, even as a child.”

“I have never seen her train to the extent she has done this time.”

“She now heads off to Lanzarote, where she always tries to finalse her training for big fights, and will then return to the UK and spend a week at a secluded hotel to complete the last week of preparation.”

Norbury, who is sponsored by an anonymous businessman, Pentagon Toyota in Rotherham and the Angel Inn at Blyth, is a Rotherham Ambassador and wants to bring some sporting glory to the region.

She added: “I am proud of my Rotherham honour, and I want to win this title for our area and all the children and adults I train.”

Once the fight with Bucci is out of the way, Norbury can concentrate on the World Martial Arts Games in August, where she will compete for a K1 world title.

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